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The threat of genetic research into GLBT etc

Today I ran into this bbc article:…

It involves geneticly altered flies triggering sex-based courtship behavior neurons in both sexes. Triggering male courtship behaviour in females.

This has all sorts of interesting and frightening possibilities.

Im concerned about the impact that such research could possibly eventually have on a host of communities. The discovery of genetic and bioogical causes or influences in GLBT nature might seem like a final validation but it would enable the possibility of people trying to eliminate such things.

At least somewhere like Iran would most certainly use such research to look for ‘cures’ and ‘treatments’ and i would not be surprised if the future fights with the fundies are not over marriage or endas but with their attempts to get radical gene therapy put forward as mandatory treatment for transexuals and homosexuals!

No more talk of sex-changes but instead anti-trans vaccinations. No more talk of equality but instead of ‘fixing’ the ‘homosexual attraction disability’ that prevented poor sick gay people from being part of hetero society.

We laughed about the ‘gay bomb’. But what if someone tried to make an ‘anti-gay’ bomb or more likely a plague? Tack on a corrective gene for the gay gene, if such is found, onto a weakened but still infectious flu virus and release it into the population? This isn’t so outlandish, attempts to make ‘race-targetting’ bio-weapons have been rumoured for years, mostly thwarted by the degree of genetic similarity between the people being targeted and their targeters. Would such a thing be possible? Do you want to wait and find out?

Sure one little bit of info about a fly might not seem much but think of the possible future implications. Without protections against genetic testing and/or full anti discrimination protection there could be blood tests to determine if someone is gay or a carrier of the gay gene who could produce gay offspring, same with trans. What do you thing the fundies would do if they could get access to such a test?

Is such research a deadline for the rights movement? If all or enough of the battles are not won by the time the possible biological aspects of GLBT uniquenesses are unravelled will we see an unparalleled new devestating tool become available to the oprressors of the world?

The research is going on now, it’s been going on for some time. It’s not being protected by some mammoth security program like nuclear techology (and that didn’t work so well as history has shown). Fundamentalist states will use this research any way they can. Fundamentalist groups will do likewise.

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