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I sent this CNN article:

Army, Marines give waivers to more felons

to my email list, with the following comment:

Yes – let's give waivers to felons convicted of assault and burglary (and even making terrorist threats, as this article states). How else are we going to replace all the queers kicked out – especially those highly trained multi-linguists. I am sure that these felons can help out there. /feh.


Here is what one wanker sent back:

Actually a pretty good idea assuming Liberal Judges just keep letting them off. At least we now know where they are and they aren't causing problems here.
We should of thought of this before. It is probably cheaper then jail.

At this point, I want to vomit. Female soldiers and contractors are being raped at greater rates than ever, gang activity abounds in the ranks, but hey, at least they aren't doing it here. 


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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp