Joe Brummer had a weird conversation with Active Christian Media head and recloseted lesbian Stacy Harp. Kevin Kaatz has a recording of the call at his blog; she gave permission for the conversation to be posted. “Homosexuality is all about sex” in Stacy’s book.

More below the fold, including Stacy’s reaction to the call.Stacy:

I actually think the call is rather comical because what it shows is that I tell the truth to the person I have an issue with, instead of twisting their words and stating falsehoods about them online. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, that was the point of the call. To call Joe on misrepresenting my words on his blog – which he still has on his blog.

Whatever her view of her history of Joe or Kevin, this transcript (via Kevin) is, well, revealing.

Stacy: You’re in total denial. And for you to enjoy sex with a man, you know, whether it’s anal or oral, whatever the heck it is you do, that’s just wrong. It’s perverted – It’s disgusting – It’s unnatural – and you know it.


   Stacy: Homosexuality is all about sex, and that’s disgusting. You don’t teach sex to three year olds. I’m sorry, but that just is not appropriate. You do not do that.

   Stacy: It’s not a lie, it’s totally the truth. That’s what makes you gay, is that you like to put your penis in somebody’s asshole. That’s what makes you gay.


   Stacy: No, you know it’s…so let me ask you something…

   Joe: Regardless, I now have less than fifteen minutes to get myself out the door.

   Stacy: So if you putting your penis…

   Joe: I’m hanging up now.

   Stacy: …in somebody’s asshole, and this isn’t about sex…

   Joe: I am not going to have a sexual conversation with you.

   Stacy: …then I don’t know what is.


   Stacy: Putting your penis in somebody’s asshole…

   Joe: …to have a sexual conversation with you.

   Stacy: …is all about anal sex, and that’s what you do…

   Joe: Stacy, you have a nice day.

   Stacy: …right? That’s exactly what you do.

   Joe: Have a nice day, thank you for calling.

   Stacy: That’s what you do.

Stacy Harp: Ladies and gentlemen, that was Joe Brummer, denying, that homosexuality, is all about putting his penis, in somebody’s asshole. You know, and uh, it’s really interesting, that you know, he doesn’t have the guts to admit that, but now he wants to make it all about, not that. So, you know, there ya go, I mean this is just evidence that somebody who supports the fact that homosexuality is about um-is about um, you know having kids, having sex with kids, ‘n stuff, unbelievable.

Precious, isn’t it? Stacy notes in her blog that the recording was given to Kevin by Guy Adams. Guy Adams? Oh, my. You mean this Guy Adams? The “Christian” activist who said in an interview that gays have sex with infants (it’s a “new trend”) and animals, and represent the “greatest danger facing America since possibly the Civil War.”

The man who also said this:

“Our elected Senators had a one of a kind chance to protect the country from same-sex marriage by a Constitutional amendment and they failed us. They betrayed our charge. If you as a legislator, support homosexuality or same-sex marriage (or if you continue to practice it), I also doubt your Christianity, because God calls it an “abomination.” It would be like seeing a pastor brought a statue of a Buddha into your church and expecting the congregation to seriously listen to him. Homosexuality is like that Buddha – it’s genital worship, pure and simple, and Democrats are part and parcel to it. They’re the party of the Phallus.

Guy Adams, former Deputy National Grassroots Director of Alan Keyes’s RenewAmerica

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding