Somehow Australia seems to have some similar religious fanatics like the US.

One of Queensland’s most prestigious boys schools has told final-year students they can’t take their gay partners to the senior formal.

Several students at Churchie – the Anglican Church Grammar School – have made it known they want to escort boyfriends to the June 19 formal, but the school is insisting they take a member of the opposite sex.

Now, the headmaster’s reasoning is somewhat interesting:

“The senior dinner dance is an opportunity for our young men to escort a young woman in a formal school environment,” Mr Hensman said.

Are you kidding me?   Gay guys don’t know how to ‘escort’ a female friend?  But ask the catholics – they are not ashamed to speak up …… here we go:

Mr Byrne said Catholic schools were committed to modelling behaviours in keeping with the values and principles of a Catholic institution.

“As such we would not see it as appropriate for couples in a same-sex relationship to attend an event such as a school formal,” he said.

The good news is:  the school board understands the difference between religion and education and monitors the case:

Although Ms Booth could not comment specifically on the Churchie case because it was “a potential complaint”, the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner said schools should not treat students differently on the basis of their sexuality.

“What we hope is that there can be a discussion about the issue, that’s what happens in the commission, and that’s where we hope the matter can be sorted out.”

Let’s keep your fingers crossed for those gay kids.  I hope that they can just enjoy their dance together with the person they choose to be with.




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