A finely calibrated sense of proportion

“What do you MEAN you’re ‘out of glazed donuts’!
I should rip your fucking heart out!!”

So what’s pissing off the Malkinistas today? I’m glad you asked:

It’s the one war the Left and the media do want to win: The “war on global warming.”

And they’ll appropriate and trivialize any real war imagery they please in pursuit of eco-propaganda–good taste and respect for veterans be damned!


Yes, there are some people who are deeply and profoundly offended that Time co-opted the raising of the flag atop Mount Suribachi. As one of her commenters put it:

This act of disrespect to the USMC and the veterans that went through the living hell of Iwo Jima has my blood boiling and jaw clenched this morning. Thanks for sharing this latest outrage by the MSM in their pursuit of a yet to be proven scientific theory as the hottest and hip new religion on the planet.

You really have to wonder what is wrong with these people that their rage richters are constantly cranked up to 11. These are the kind of people you read about whose crushed lifeless bodies are found underneath capsized vending machines all because they went DefCon 1 when their Zagnut refused to fall. I mean, if this guy ever gets a gander at Canned Heat’s Future Blues, what is going to stop him from climbing a clock tower and thinning out the neighborhood with a high-powered rifle?

Hearing blues, seeing red.

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