A bitter brew

Former Santorum staffer and Congressional candidate Matt Shaner wants that Barack Osamabama guy to know that he is not bitter:

At Marc Ambinder, check out the first GOP anti-Obama mailing to seize upon the "bitter" comments. It’s a flyer from Matt Shaner, who is running in a Congressional primary to represent Pennsylvania’s 5th district. The text:

He called us a "bitter" people.
He criticized us for "clinging" to religion.
He criticized us for "clinging" to guns.

Now it’s time to send a message to Barack Obama.

"I’m a God-fearing, chuch-going, NRA member. And I’m proud of it." – Matt Shaner, Republican for Congress

The strategist behind the ad is John Brabender, whose firm also managed media for Rick Santorum, Rudy Giuliani, and even GOP turncoat Lincoln Chafee. Brabender is godfather to one of Santorum’s children. His practice is proof that "moderate" Republicans are in thrall to the same socially conservative establishment figures as their religious right brethren. Now we’re seeing how that establishment plans to go after the leading Democrat.

Well that is certainly quite the roster of winners that Brabender has managed. Not too surprising that he took on another model of the modern morality party:

U.S. House Hopeful Matt Shaner Drinking Before Car Crash
Republican Matt Shaner, who announced this week that he will seek to replace the retiring U.S. Rep. John Peterson, said in an interview Thursday he made a big mistake when he left the accident site without speaking to police.

No one was injured in the single-vehicle accident Jan. 19, 2007, in Patton Township. But Shaner was fined more than $500 after pleading guilty to running a stop sign, failing to report an accident and accidents involving damage to an unattended vehicle or property.

Asked if he thought he was drunk at the time he ran off the road, Shaner told The Associated Press: ‘‘I had too much alcohol to be driving. I may have been.’‘

‘‘I was in a condition where I shouldn’t have been driving my car, and I handled the situation very poorly afterward,’‘ he said. ‘‘It was probably the biggest mistake of my life.’‘

Probably not too proud of driving drunk and then hauling ass… which is probably why it’s not on the mailer. Good call on that one.

And since he has a deep personal relationship with the Santorums, perhaps Brabender should show Shaner a picture of what a bitter Pennsylvania family looks like.

They’re also sad, grim, resigned, and what appears to be potentially psychotic.

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