Vox Not So Populi

David Brooks, voice of the Bobo’s:

Three quick points on the Democratic debate tonight:

First, Democrats, and especially Obama supporters, are going to jump all over ABC for the choice of topics: too many gaffe questions, not enough policy questions.

I understand the complaints, but I thought the questions were excellent. The journalist’s job is to make politicians uncomfortable, to explore evasions, contradictions and vulnerabilities. Almost every question tonight did that. The candidates each looked foolish at times, but that’s their own fault.

We may not like it, but issues like Jeremiah Wright, flag lapels and the Tuzla airport will be important in the fall. Remember how George H.W. Bush toured flag factories to expose Michael Dukakis. It’s legitimate to see how the candidates will respond to these sorts of symbolic issues.

The middle section of the debate, meanwhile, was stupendous. Those could be the most important 30 minutes of this entire campaign…

It would seem that the public disagrees. For example:

I was extremely disappointed by the quality of the questions, lack of substance, and the basic lack of respect in favor of preening by your hosts in asking so many inane questions. It seemed more about the George and Charlie Show than an opportunity for us to hear what these candidates had to say in a serious forum. You’ve wasted our time, ABC. Apparently you think all we want are the tabloid points you’ll help create and then feed and then refeed to us, ad nauseum, so you can apparently all retain your jobs and pat each other on the back as though you’ve done a good job and gotten to the incisive point somewhere. Flag pins, that’s a question for the man who may be our next president? Is that really a deeper issue here? Do you think any of our 4,000 dead would care if the man were wearing a flag pin? Have you forgotten your calling? Thanks for nothing, and thanks to you we know nothing more.

David Brooks is not a serious man.

Oh, by the way:  Main ABC switchboard: 212-456-7777. While you have them on the line, tell them  that According To Jim blows too.

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