We are so very very sorry

This is what happens when you call a cranky old man at 3AM

The way I figure it, the earth will become a smoking and desolate wasteland, its seas grey, lifeless and covered with the scum of pollutants and ash from the fallout sometime around January 26, 2009, which is less than a week after the inauguration of President John "Maverick" McCain.

Hundreds of years later, space dragons traveling from Agamidae Prime will colonize the planet, mining it for our rich deposits of sodium silicate and bentonite to be used to line their intergalatic terrariums. While picking through the rubble of our once great cities, a dragon named AS Flippen will discover a working computer (in all likelihood a Mac) and, extracting information from the hard drive, they will discover that the election of President John "Maverick" McCain was the direct result of my failure to be funny and because Roy was being mean to conservative bloggers.

This will come to be known as the Blogging Butterfly Effect.

So you might as well empty out your retirement accounts, run up your credit cards and party party party like its 2-0-0-9.

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