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Late Nite Wednesday: Kick. Joe. Out.

I find this totally comprehensible and utterly predictable:

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), the Democratic Party’s 2000 vice presidential nominee, is leaving open the possibility of giving a keynote address on behalf of Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) at the Republican National Convention in September.

Republicans close to the McCain campaign say Lieberman’s appearance at the convention, possibly before a national primetime audience, could help make the case that the presumptive GOP nominee has a record of crossing the aisle. That could appeal to much-needed independent voters.

On the other hand, I find this absolutely incomprehensible:

When asked Tuesday if Lieberman’s chairmanship was at risk next Congress, Reid said succinctly: "No."

"We have one difference of opinion, maybe two with Sen. Lieberman," said Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin

(D-Ill.), a prominent supporter of Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) presidential candidacy. "As a whip, I can tell you time and again, he’s been there when we’ve needed him."

Durbin has the inside track for Majority Leader should the powers that be determine Harry Reid needs to take a powder.

The Democrats sucked it up and allowed Joe to stay in the party — nay, begged him — so they could retain the majority in the Senate. The price they paid was no Senate oversight with regard to the Department of Homeland Security, one of the most corrupt, graft-ridden corporate welfare boondoggles of our time.

But now, Mary Landrieu has a double-digit lead and Jean Shaheen ia poised to win, so there’s no excuse for nodding indulgently as Lieberman runs around calling Barack Obama a Marxist. And he’s getting ready to use all that absurd "comity" reverence with which his fellow Senators regard him against Obama and the Democratic Party at the Republican National Convention.

Lieberman has already been working Florida hard for McCain. Durbin, Reid, and Obama himself — not to mention every Democrat who has a vested interest in taking the White House in in November — ought to be waging an all-out campaign to discredit him now, before he takes the stage in Minneapolis and does irreparable damage with "independent" voters.

We saw what happened in Connecticut when the Democrats enabled him like this. Do we really want a repeat on the national stage?

(Irony of ironies — even the Joe Lieberman Weekly turns on him.)

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Jane Hamsher

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