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After Careful Consideration, Bush Concludes Global Warming Might Not Be Completely Fake

296455527_677faeaf33_m.jpgNow that he’s pissed away most of a decade insisting global warming is teh phony, the Commander Guy will admit that he was wrong address climate change today.

Under pressure from Congress and the courts, President Bush will unveil a plan today to set medium-range goals for reducing the gases that are blamed for global warming, administration officials said.

Bush will speak from the Rose Garden, calling for a general strategy to address climate change rather than a specific proposal to address emissions by industries, motor vehicles and other sources frequently cited in the debate over rising world temperatures.

"The president will frame the debate for the right and wrong ways to do it," Deputy White House Press Secretary Tony Fratto said.

Yeah, under the category of "wrong ways to do it" let’s go ahead and put "not do shit about it for 8 years while giving the oil companies everything they want and insisting Al Gore made the whole thing up."

To me, the great thing about this is the shrieking of the Bush dead-enders, who are running around screaming about "surrender" and "fiasco." Sneers Iain Murray at The Corner:

People need to get very, very angry about this. I know I am.

And the Anchor Baby is having a complete meltdown:

Unwilling to stand for scientific integrity, rational cost-benefit analyses, private property rights, and free market environmentalism in a hysterical effort to out-gore Al Gore: That’s your GOP.

I think Bush’s approval is about to hit the teens.

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