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george_will_2.thumbnail.jpgIf you’re like me, and I know I am, on the serious questions of the day, you look to our nation’s most plentiful natural resource, conservative pundits, to tell you how to think. And then you know you are correct in doing the opposite.

And today, George Will takes the opportunity to tell us, who is really looking down on people as inferior to them. And, as is usually the case with Will, it’s the black guy.

What had been under FDR a celebration of America and the values of its working people has become a doctrine of condescension toward those people and the supposedly coarse and vulgar country that pleases them.

Ah yes, George Will — the greatest defender of the New Deal Era ever!

Because George Will truly knowns and understands the people he would never allow into his gated community.

This Obama and condescending meme…where have we heard that before?

Oh yes,

Bill Kristol:

[Obama] wanted to explain that he was too good — too patriotic! — to wear a flag pin on his chest.

"America’s Concern Troll", Richard Cohen:

Obama is nearly as good as he thinks he is.

Gail Collins:

…people here worry that Barack Obama is getting show-offy

And so the themes for the Democratic Candidates, the shorthand to explain and frame all statements, emerge:

The black guy is "uppity"; the woman is "a bitch".

Got it.

As Glenn Greenwald sums up in describing his observation while on a book tour…to our beloved press, only a "moderate" like John McCain can save us now:

In many respects, this week is an ideal one for the book’s release, as the content of "political news" over the last week or so illustrates quite vividly several of the book’s themes.

There was virtually no discussion, at least on any of the news shows to which I was exposed, of the obviously consequential revelations of the President’s direct involvement in the creation of America’s torture regime. Instead, the vast bulk of attention was paid to depicting Barack Obama as an effete, elitist, deceptive enemy of the Regular Guy — exactly the way that every national Democratic politician in recent memory has inevitably been depicted (including Hillary Clinton, particularly when the media and the Right thought last year that she would be the nominee).

Our elections are dominated by the same tired personality script, trotted out over and over and over. Democrats and liberals — no matter how poor their upbringing, no matter how self-made they are, no matter how egalitarian their policies — are the freakish, out-of-touch elitists who despise the values of the Regular Americans. Right-wing leaders — no matter how extravagantly rich they are by virtue of other people’s money, no matter how insulated their lives are, no matter how indifferent their policies are to the vast rich/poor gap — are the normal, salt-of-the-earth Regular Folk.

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