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Cliff Schecter Pwns John McCain

51sja7ik3ol_sl500_aa240_.thumbnail.jpgI’ve been worried for a while that it’s going to be difficult to get any traction on John McCain. The press love him, and he’s managed to push the "maverick moderate" image so far out there in the public consciousness that even people on progressive blogs have a hard time working up the antipathy for him that they feel for the Democratic candidate they happen to loath at the moment.

But I felt a bit of a shift this week with the release of Cliff Schecter’s book The Real McCain, when McCain was forced to publicly answer for stories contained in the book:

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for the first time has personally addressed some of the more explosive allegations in a new book on him, although his Fox News interviewer did not see fit to ask about his the vulgarity he allegedly flung at his wife during a Senate campaign.

Speaking to Fox’s Megyn Kelly Wednesday, McCain said reports of his explosive temper were "false or exaggerated," and he denied that punches were thrown during a meeting with fellow Arizona Republican Rep. Rick Renzi.

"No, in fact there were witnesses every time I have been around," McCain said. "The congressman is a good friend of mine, and we have a good relationship. … Those reports are either false or exaggerated."

Kelly also had asked about McCain’s reported "profanity laced exchanges with other lawmakers," but she made no mention of perhaps the most vulgar alleged exchange, in which McCain called his wife a "trollop" and a "cunt" during a 1992 campaign stop. Those reports all come from a new book, The Real McCain by Cliff Scheter.

That, my friends, is a first in this campaign — from a press more accustomed to asking "would you like fries with that, Senator McCain?"

Cliff’s book is climbing its way up the Amazon charts and is currently at #141, so give it some help and buy a copy. I know I’ve harped on it many times, but book sales = legitimacy in the eyes of the media, and having Cliff on TV telling the stories in his books is very very good for Democrats, no matter which candidate you think is Teh Awesome.

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Jane Hamsher

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