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The Welding Rod

  OK, get your mind out of the gutter, or don’t it is up to you when you hear welding rod

 If the religious right would use a bit of thier common sense they would work feveriously at getting rid of welding using their logic.  

 Everything is nuts and bolts to them.

 A welding rod could be a dangerous and disaterous thing used by humans as it joins two of the same makeing together. And thru the use of heat no less.  

 More after the jump,  TIME FOR THE GUTTER

 A Gutter is something that is on the side of the road of something that you put on the egde of the roof to collect and discharge runoff to a certain point.

 But the new term for GUTTER is SEX as in your mind is in the GUTTER.  And with the fundies these days it doesn’t run off, but into the center of their thinking.  Who knows where their minds go when they hear, “GUTTER STRAPS” ?

 And something used on house GUTTERS are DOWNSPOUTS.  Humm  SPOUTS, aren’t those tornadoes?   Ohh, that’s weather related.

 But back to my point.  How do Right Wingers explain the use of welding rods?

 OH SHIT, better get rid of the term “Laying Pipe” or “Joining  Pipe”  OOPS, they did solve that calling it “Mating Pipe”  OOPS again, there are “Self Mating Threads” and “Self Drilling Screws”  UT OHH.  I better not mention that the heads are stamped to tell what tensile and shear strength they are. (Tattooed?)  

 Damn, forgot about welding again. OK, please forgive me.  7018 or 6011 might mean something to anyone who knows welding.  They might be bible quotes for all I know.  There are many numbers when it comes to welding rods as there are bible quotes.

 Before I go onto welding rods, lets start from the beginning.  Wooden spikes were used to hold things together, but as things evolved metals became a part of life and than plastics.  

 But if the fundies want to use the nuts and bolts arguement, what was there before nuts and bolts?  Umm? Wooden spikes that where driven between multiple logs?  

 I am not going into that people used vines to tie things together.  sounds like BDSM to me, so now to the present.

 RIVOTS.  a simple item. they come in many shapes and sizes, shear and tensile strength. What does a rivot do? hold two or more thing together.  the same as a nut and bolt.  but one end is beaten by a hammer while one is held in place.  HUMM,

 Plastic Pipe, also called PVC, has female and male ends the Fundies like to use.  What happens when you need to join two male ends, you need a union.  and PVC cement.  

 SHIT, forgot Blind rivots. And there is a strong holding RIVOT called CHERRY MAX.

 Now out of the gutter.

 There is now underwater welding, exotic welding.

 Stick welding, MIG and TIG, and SPOT WELDING.  

 I wonder when they will come to believe it takes all types and all kinds to hold people and things together?

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