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Did CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Cover For Joe Lieberman? (VIDEO)

On October 26, 2006 the FBI investigation into Joe Lieberman’s charges that his website was "hacked" was concluded and found that Lieberman brought down his own website. Yet on October 29, when Connecticut Attorney General (and Lieberman supporter) Richard Blumenthal was interviewed by Connecticut Bob, why did he say that no conclusion had been reached? 

BLUMENTHAL: In this instance, as yet we’ve reached no conclusions. We’re working with the federal government, the fbi, the doj in our ongoing investigation and we’ve reached no conclusions. I’m hopeful that very shortly we will complete the investigation possibly within days, a week or so.

CTBOB: Do you think you’ll have some sort of initial finding before the November 7 election? I think that’s sort of a critical deadline to get something done.

BLUMENTHAL: I can’t say whether we will or won’t, because the investigation is not only my responsibility, we’re working with the federal government, the FBI and we want to operate in cooperation with them without reaching conclusions on our own.

Blumenthal was a big Lieberman supporter (CTBlogger, Spazeboy, Ed Anderson and I were at a picnic for Joe that Blumenthal attended). The charge that Lamont and/or his dirty blogger followers had hacked his website and brought it down allowed Lieberman to cast the Lamont race as a bunch of lawless, insurgent hippies (with the help of a compliant media who had the damn thing on the cable crawl all day). Given the screeching rage with which Lieberman dominated the media, and the investigation he had forced everyone to pursue at taxpayer expense, getting an answer before the election was a moral obligation and should have been a priority. And now we know there was one. If Blumenthal didn’t know about the report at the time, he needs to explain how it escaped his attention.

And if he did know, he needs to explain why he didn’t make it public when it could have made a difference.

You can ask Attorney General Blumenthal here, or call him at (860) 808-5318.

While we’re at it…what about the investigation into the $387,000 street cash Lieberman was handing out in the days before the election? That’s actually, you know, legit.

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