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Petraeus Kills GOP Talking Point On Iraq

Lindsey Graham on "Face The Nation," 3/23/08:

REID: Now, you went on to say that we’re, quote, "about to turn a corner in Iraq." Now, you just returned from Iraq again. Were you right?

GRAHAM: Yeah. Yeah.

REID: Has there been a major breakthrough? Have we turned the corner in Iraq?

GRAHAM: Oh, yeah, I think so.

Lindsey Graham, 8/28/2007:

I’m confident that the Iraqi people have turned a corner.

Charles Krauthammer, 4/13/2007:

Yet, just this week, the Marine commandant, Gen. James Conway, returned from a four-day visit to the province and reported that we “have turned the corner.”

Fred Kagan, 4/24/2007:

"Turning the corner in Iraq"

Dick Cheney, 2005:

Violence and civil unrest surged across Iraq on Sunday as Vice President Cheney made his first visit here in more than a decade, praising what he called the "remarkable" turnout by voters in nationwide elections Thursday and telling U.S. troops that the country had "turned the corner."

Gen. David Petraeus, yesterday:

"We haven’t turned any corners. We haven’t seen any lights at the end of the tunnel."

Oh well.

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