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Lieberman Lies Again: Crashed His Own Website, Blamed Bloggers

I started transcribing this video from Lamont/Lieberman primary day 2006 but frankly I’m just too pissed to do it. Although the FBI investigation in to the incident was concluded in 2006, due to the perseverance of the Stamford Advocate the results were revealed today, and found what we all know to be true at the time — no blogger hacked into Joe’s website.

Joe Lieberman crashed his own website.

But that didn’t matter. Joe needed a way to own the news cycle, and gave it to himself by flapping his lying weasel lips all day long for the benefit of the cameras. And they let him. Over and over again. Watch the clip of Matthews talking to LieberLiar Sean Smith (who went on to teach at Yale about how to run a campaign). Matthews then made Ned Lamont come on and distance himself from blogger terrorists who would do such a thing. Which Ned did.

It was a completely trumped up issue that never should have been given a bit of oxygen beyond "crazy old Joe Lieberman’s got nothing in the tank but a bunch of wild conspiracy theories," but it was everywhere all day. I remember sitting in the blogger room and staring at the TV with Bob Geiger and Mike Stark in open-mouthed disbelieve as it ran across the fucking chiron. It was the Story Of The Day, when that story should have been how anti-war candidate Ned Lamont was proving everyone wrong in their "shhh, don’t talk about the war" wisdom that had dominated Democratic politics. It changed the general election. Its effects reverberated far past Connecticut and shook not only the party but the country to its very foundation. And yet all the talking heads were focused on were some calculated hysteria from Joe "nobody wants to end the war more than me" Lieberman and nobody challenged him about what an obvious crock it all was — then or now.

Anyone who reported on this and doesn’t want to give the same amount of time to re-evaluating this embarrassment, and what it reflects about our media system that this kind of thing could happen, should find themselves another profession.

Lieberman won’t comment. So story over, right? He effectively kills it by shutting his mouth. Meanwhile, he filed charges with the FBI that anybody with half a brain knew to be false, purely for political purposes. Screwing with law enforcement and wasting their time for political grandstanding. It’s immoral and one would guess illegal.

It wouldn’t be so bad but this corrupt prick and the hacks who work for him, like Dan Gerstein, are allowed to lie over and over again and nobody ever calls them on it.

It’s fucking disgraceful.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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