Buncha phony soldiers running around in Iraq these days.

PFC Jeremy Slate said he supported Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., because of his stated intention to pull out of Iraq right away.

"That would be nice," Slate said, "I’d like to be home, yea."

SFC Patricia Keller also expressed support for Obama, citing his representation for change.

Spc. Imus Loto said he supported Obama. "It will be something different. But he’s out there and he’ll probably support us a lot more."

1st Sgt. David Logan said, "I am leaning toward Hillary. I think that we should have a gradual drawdown."

To that end, Lindsesdt’s pick is Obama. "The fact that he’s followed his views, regardless of what they have been [sic] and whether I’ve agreed with them or not, sometimes. But he’s been steady the entire way."

One thing wingnuts really hate is objective evidence that actual, real-life soldiers support Democrats. So they’re running around accusing ABC of cherry-picking. They must not have heard that unserious defeatists Barack Hussein Obama and Ron Paul were leading in military fundraising. They must not know that 6 out of 10 military families hate Bush or that a Military Times poll showed that the troops hate him too.

Look at the trend. Gore got less that 20% of the military vote in 2000, but thanks to Bush’s excellent war, Kerry more than doubled that in 2004. So don’t be a bit surprised if the Democratic candidate breaks 50% this year.

But even if that continues, the wingnuts will desperately cling to their fantasy that all troops are loyal Republican dittoheads, that they really love Bush and McCain, that they would never vote Democrat because Democrats hate them and hate America, that the liberal media must be lying, exit polls are unreliable, etc., etc., etc. They just can’t help themselves.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan