And respect for the Constitution.

I never fail to be impressed coming to the Blend or many other primarily GLBT focused sites on the overall comments made supporting the free speech of others, including the bigots even when we hate what they are saying.  I was reminded of that again this morning as I read Pam’s story about the judge allowing liens to be placed on the Phelp’s family hate machine over what is free speech (horrid as it may be) issue.

And I contrast that to the Hate-gay-for-Pay crowd that cowers behind their false religions and constantly seeks to block the homosexual community from being able to speak because we’re “recruiting” or otherwise trying to expand our “agenda”.

It says so much about where each group stands on the entire concept of equal treatment – and makes me proud that I still live up to an oath I once swore in a military that didn’t want me – to protect the rights of all in defending the Constitution.  Proud as well to be a part of a group who feels the same, it shows a lot of your character to stand up that way as well, even while hating the message.  

And mostly sad for those on the other side who seek their path to riches and fame by attempting to restrict equal and fair treatment to only those select few who follow their rules – be it marriage recognition or simply the ability to speak our minds freely and in dissent.  I may currently have the rights of a second class American, but they have never gotten what it means to live their birthright and have no understanding of what they are missing out on.