Pass the smelling salts

As I pointed out yesterday themanwhocreatedmoseswine has an aversion to things like research or, you know, work. One of his saving graces, and we’ll take what we can get, is that he is self-correcting.

From the original post:

I would love to see the Clintons’ royalty statements. I would faint if one of the tomes involved here came within a country mile of earning out their advances. When I read that My Life had a fifteen million dollar advance – read that and weep, Stephen King – I could only roll my eyes. The number of books that would have to be produced and sold is staggering. Call Al Gore. On ecological grounds alone, it’s a major disgrace.

So what was Alfred Knopf (or rather Random House and its owner Bertelsmann) thinking when it shoveled this giant – until now hidden – sum of 15 million in Clinton’s direction for his book? What were they financing? Why not make a direct donation to Clinton Foundation and save all the paper? Beats me.

Now, the update:

UPDATE: I have been informed in email by a fellow author that the Clintons did earn out their advances. If true, this unfortunately speaks yards about the reading habits of the American public. Frankly, I prefer a good Jacqueline Susann novel.

In short, Roger isn’t stupid. You are, you stupid reading people with your stupid books and other stupid stuff.

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