The ENDA issue has been horrible for everyone in the GLBT community.  I don’t have any real desire to recount the assorted interpretations of the event, from “transpeople are being thrown under the bus” to “transpeople want to stop gays and lesbians from getting their rights just when they have the chance”.

I’m done.

I’m not done with fighting to make things better.  I’m done with yelling at EACH OTHER.  It’s not helping anyone.

I think we have to treat this like couples counseling.  We each have been hurting the other.  Accept that the other feels hurt, even if you can’t necessarily understand WHY the other party feels hurt.  Figure out how to make the relationship stronger and healthier.

Gays, lesbians…I understand that you’re hurt.  Please understand that we’re hurt.  We don’t need to talk about the details of the hurt anymore, let’s accept that it happened.  No blame.

How do we resolve it, make the relationship work again, and move forward with the work we ALL need?



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