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The manwhocreatedmoseswine is creating multiple whines this week because everyone else is getting something, and he ain’t getting any.


Arianna Huffington got quite a shout out from the New York Times yesterday as Citizen Huff. Apparently the Huffington Post’s unique visitors on Nielsen has risen to 3.7 million, placing this home for the liberal devout number two on Technorati behind Tech Crunch–an impressive total after only three years and a benchmark in Arianna’s goal of being an online newspaper.

Pajamas Media got started about a half year after the Huffington Post with a "distributed model." We amalgamated about ninety independent blogs more loosely around a main portal site. This was chosen deliberately as a more "democratic and bloggy" approach, although we think we are building a newspaper in our way too.

Pajamas Media’s total unique visitors in its network for March (also based on Nielsen stats) were four million – three hundred thousand more than the Huffington Post – although this doesn’t appear on Technorati because we have many different URLs, a result of our original choice.

Which is to say that any of the "amalgamated" blogs that agreed to carry the PajamaramaMedia imprimatur for an occasional link, tossed to them like a Scooby snack, should be counted. I don’t think that is how the game is played.

Next, where’s my Pulitizer?:

According to this article, I should be receiving an award I have been bad-mouthing… what – twenty times?… on this blog. Would I accept it? In a minute.

Well, I ‘m not on the Pulitzer committee but I’m pretty sure that reporting that someone is dead as a worldwide exclusive, when they’re not, might go down as a black-mark on your permanent record.

Next up, more citizen journalism:

I can’t say I was overwhelmingly shocked by the Clintons’ overwhelming income (109.2 million) since Bill left office. The nearly 52 million for speech-making seemed about right too. [It’s hard to find good speakers these days.-ed. I know you mean- ever since Will Rogers died.] But call me a skeptic, there’s something about 10.25 million in charitable deductions that’s making me raise an eyebrow. How much of that went to Bill’s own charitable foundation and library. [Not more than 8 million, I promise. -ed. Hey, maybe you could get one of those nice administrative salaries. Are you firing me? No, but you might want to quit. There are some good real estate buys in Little Rock right now.]

And so Roger went digging into the Clintons charitable giving and discovered….

…actually nothing.

No research, No ‘the google’. Nothing. That was the whole post or, as we bloggers call it: "throwing shit against the wall and then pointing out that there is shit on the wall."


I would love to see the Clintons’ royalty statements. I would faint if one of the tomes involved here came within a country mile of earning out their advances. When I read that My Life had a fifteen million dollar advance – read that and weep, Stephen King – I could only roll my eyes. The number of books that would have to be produced and sold is staggering. Call Al Gore. On ecological grounds alone, it’s a major disgrace.

So what was Alfred Knopf (or rather Random House and its owner Bertelsmann) thinking when it shoveled this giant – until now hidden – sum of 15 million in Clinton’s direction for his book? What were they financing? Why not make a direct donation to Clinton Foundation and save all the paper? Beats me.

You know, I have often thought the same thing about the start-up of Pajamarama Media. What has been the return on the initial investment? What kind of income has the "accidental CEO" Roger L. Simon been pulling down while doling out little nuggets to his affiliate bloggers? Does he receive any government subsidies for employing "special needs" bloggers like Gun Counter Gomer? More importantly, is there enough money in petty cash to pay Ron Silver’s ransom, so that he may write again?

A curious public deserves nothing less…

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