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NC deejay hurls slurs at Native Americans; flashback to 'Straight Pride'

I don’t listen to WDCG’s G-105 morning drive time bigot Bob Dumas of “Bob and the Showgram.” It’s the kind of juvenile, offensive frat boy humor that gets him in hot water all the time, and he’s an equal opportunity offender. (N&O):

In the radio segment, Dumas and co-hosts kidded an intern about her upcoming marriage to a Lumbee Indian. Dumas joked that Indians are “lazy” and that “a lot of Indians live on the reservation.” He also asked whether the groom’s grandfather would stand on the side of the road “with a single tear.”

Co-host Mike Morse asked: “After you guys get married, are you going to have a tepee-warming party?”

After that BS, complaints to the FCC and Clear Channel Communications quickly rolled in. WDCG General Manager Dick Harlow released this statement on the station’s web site:

WDCG apologizes to any listener that may have found remarks or recordings played Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 during Bob and the Showgram to be offensive, derogatory or insensitive. WDCG does not condone inappropriate behavior, language or insensitive remarks.”

…Paul Brooks, chairman of the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs, released a statement lambasting “Bob and the Showgram” for the Tuesday remarks, as well as a history of “derogatory and insultuous comments against American Indians, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics.”

This is the same station, by the way, that sponsored a Straight Pride Parade in Chapel Hill, NC.

More below the fold.When I did a write up about the event at DKos, someone from the area wrote this about Dumas:

Bob “Dick” Dumas (Dumbass) of said Showgram was “sanctioned” at G-105 a couple of years ago for advocating that drivers should start targeting cyclists on Triangle roads, but only after the publicity made it to major media outlets and even as far away as Australia (which is a cycling nuts country, but I digress). Frankly, that was benign compared to some of the other stuff he’s done. He is a self-professed Southern Baptist (in the cultural sense more than the religious sense), so what does that say?

He also brought you the radio show “Straight Eye for the Gay Guy” where they tried to dress this poor guy up in plaid and cowboy boots and take him to a redneck bar and teach him how to pick up women. Nice.

Here’s a little blast from the past; some photos from the Straight Pride parade back in 2004…

West Franklin, street where the parade was held. So pathetic the turnout that the traffic was still flowing at the start time (10:45)
Well, here is the whole crowd that showed up, no lie.. However, about 1/2 of this crowd was actually queer folks.
So the parade begins. The other mascot finally gets his suit on.
Again, more gay representation than straight. The G-105 logo was not abundant during this. By the way, this was one of 3 trucks that had a blow-up sex doll aboard.
The festivities ended after about 15 minutes, tops, at Henderson St. There was a table selling “Flaming Heterosexual” merchandise. We didn’t notice much sales activity.
We came prepared with a sign, but decided the event was too pathetic to participate in it…

We’ll save it for the NC Pride parade.

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