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Common Cause: Shame On McCain

dscn0484.thumbnail.JPGCommon Cause writes a letter to John McCain regarding his dubious campaign finance activities (PDF). Key graph:

Similarly, we are concerned that your recent actions in regard to public funding in the presidential primaries may undermine respect for the federal campaign finance laws, especially the presidential public financing system. Having opted into the system last summer – and having signed a binding certification agreement with the FEC – it is clear to us that you need an FEC vote to allow you to withdraw.

John McCain is in the public financing system, which has a spending cap of $54 million in the primaries. He has now spent, by his own admission, over $58 million. He has tried to claim that he can just withdraw from the system at will, but FEC Chairman David Mason says he can’t, and now Common Cause says he can’t. A pretty bold move, considering the crap that the vindictive McCain has given them in the past.

Good for Common Cause. Now where’s Democracy 21? Calling Fred Wertheimer….

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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