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The “John Yoo, Let’s Pretend We’re Lawyers” Game

Here’s a fun little game you bloggers can try at home. It’s called the "John Yoo, Let’s Pretend We’re Lawyers" game.

  1. Take an 81-page opinion dealing with the degree to which the President’s power is bound (or not) by existing laws during war time
  2. Open both parts of that opinion in your PDF reader (Part One, Part Two)
  3. Using the search function on your PDF reader, search for the word "Youngstown"
  4. Guess how many citations to Youngstown you find–go on, guess!

Peterr helpfully suggests via email, "Maybe it was redacted for national security reasons."

And in case you were worried that Yoo simply doesn’t know about Youngstown, see this link (also courtesy of Peterr), that demonstrates that Professor Yoo believes it is the first text to consider in any discussion of separation of powers.

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