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Salvation In A Smoke Filled Room

While I’m personally tired of the never-ending primary battle, I also understand that something good is coming out of it — people are getting engaged in the Democratic party and lots of that money that the candidates are raising is being put into local organizing. Two hundred thousand newly registered Democratic voters in Pennsylvania alone is a very good thing, and that’s being replicated in all the primary states to come. As much as I’d like to collect behind a candidate and move on to fighting John McCain, it’s great that voters are being energized and are getting to express their preferences. It’s democracy. It’s often messy, and not without precedent. But it’s better than most of the alternatives.

But the primaries will come to an end June 4, and Harry Reid has just jumped on board Howard Dean’s plan to have the superdelegates express their preferences by July 1. Which is probably a good thing, too. It’s what superdelegates are there for, people with a long term investment in the party stepping in to resolve a difficult situation. I just find it rather ironic that the same people who were quite recently whipping everyone into a frenzy about "deals in smoke filled back rooms" and the end of democracy are looking to that very process and having superdelegates "vote their conscience" in order to pull the party’s bacon out of the fire.

Well, the ability to change one’s mind is, I guess, part of democracy too.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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