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dscn0484.thumbnail.JPGWe’re at the McCain Town Hall event in Alexandria. It’s at Episcopal High School and the bleachers behind the podium are stocked with sparkling white, youthful Republican faces. I’m here with Matt Stoller and he says they all look like the kids of trophy wives who decided not to go to Choate.

I wonder how many high schools McCain is visiting? In the Republican era where Backdrops Are Everything, it was obviously a choice to parachute McCain into the middle of an abstinence-only club.

There’s creepy new age music playing in the background. Keep him calm, I guess.

McCain went here for high school, graduating in 1954. It was an all-boy’s school at the time. He’s being introduced with a lot of elitist, "upholding a code of honor" boarding school crap.

Makes me want to go light up in the can.

Some guy is talking about how he knew John McCain from wrestling. Paging Jesus’ General.

Okay McCain’s here now, and he’s talking about his "youthful indescretion" and how much he’s learned over the course of his life. Obviously trying to get out in front of all the womanizing and temper outbursts.

Can I just say how empty the parking lot was? There are more people in line for the bathroom at an Obama event.

He’s talking about how so many black and hispanic students don’t graduate from high school, and how we need to empower parents with choices about where to send their kids. I’m sure all the white people in this crowd appreciate the reassurance that they can keep their kids away from all of that.

We talked to Ana Marie Cox about campaign finance reform before the event began, and she was talking to Mark Salter of the McCain campaign about it afterwards. He agreed to talk to us about it, but between the time she asked him and the time we caught up with him he changed his mind and decided to put us on with their campaign finance lawyers.

I guess he used The Google.

The student questioners are quite consumed with asking whether the values he learned at Episcopal have influenced his conduct as a public official. None of them seem to have heard the words "Vicki Iseman."

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