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Delivery of 32,000 Cosignatures to FEC Complaint Against McCain (Video)

Joe Sudbay of AmericaBlog and Reverend Lennox Yearwood delivered 32,000 signatures to the FEC, cosigning the complaint filed last Thursday against John McCain and his campaign. It took three reams of paper and 1,400 pages to print it all out.

This morning at a McCain event in Alexandria, McCain was introduced as a "hero" because of his work in campaign finance reform. Right. The guy who helped to write the law now doesn’t want to obey it, just because there’s nobody around to enforce it (thank you George W. Bush for gutting the FEC). The McCain campaign’s defense is "Obama did the same thing," but that’s a crock. John McCain applied for public financing. Obama never did. John McCain was accepted into the public financing system. Obama never was. The chairman of the FEC, David Mason, says McCain is therefore still in the system and bound by its limitations, but McCain is just ignoring him.

It goes to McCain’s character. He believes the law is for someone else, not for him. He’s chiding Obama for not agreeing to public financing, even as he’s 4 million dollars over the $54 million spending cap imposed by the public financing system.

For Thee But Not For Me. The John McCain story.

You can still cosign the complaint here, and you can tell your friends about it here. We’re now at 34,350 signatures. We’re gonna keep doing this until somebody starts paying attention.

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