30 Apr 2008

Miley, don’t take your love to town…

I just want to say that I really really really really REALLY tried to avoid Miley Ray Cyrus’ Scapulagate.

30 Apr 2008

Late Late Nite FDL: Tobias Fröberg & Peter Morén

Something new, Peter Moren performing Just Behind A Brick Wall.

30 Apr 2008

Color me (insane and) homophobic

Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh. my. god. Where do you even begin in this fact-free screed from South Carolinian Nancy Morgan, editor of RightBias.com? Personally, I cringe when I see two guys swapping spit. Or when half naked transsexuals flaunt their sexuality in public places. I always wonder what they’re

30 Apr 2008

Gall Bladder Surgery patient

I found your blog as I was searching for info on gall bladder surgery. I have never been on a blog before so this is all new to me. I am having it done next week. I was wondering if you had the same issues that I have been having,

30 Apr 2008

Late Nite FDL: Froomkin. Enough Said.

One of the few mainstream journalists whose output is always worth the reading is the Washington Post’s Dan Froomkin. And he’s just getting better: It wasn’t just his wistful words about magic wands that made President Bush’s talk about lowering gas prices at his press conference yesterday feel particularly unrealistic.

30 Apr 2008

Those Pastoral Ties

I have to admit that I’m officially baffled by why whatever it is Jeremiah Wright thinks — and not what John Hagee thinks — is a big stinking deal. Because my churchgoing experience — and one I think I share with most other churchgoers — is that the church community was always more important than the pastor, and was the reason we chose to attend that church. The pastors did their thing, and we usually agreed, but sometimes disagreed. But we attended because of the church, not the pastor.

30 Apr 2008

Digging a Hole Big Enough For Two

Apparently John McCain can’t read a simple graph — which is good news for the Democrats.

30 Apr 2008

Hey, Hillary- Check the Oil, Will Ya?

First, it was Hillary Clinton slugging down a shot of Crown Royal in Pennsylvania to prove “she isn’t an elitist” as well as relate her Annie Oakley-esque past, for the benefit of the local hunting community. Now this: Hillary is gonna “fill ‘er up!” The New York senator was commuting

30 Apr 2008

We're delivering truth to Liddy Dole's office on Friday – Stop the racist NCGOP ad

On Friday morning I’m heading to Senator Elizabeth Dole’s Raleigh office with a delegation of NC bloggers and concerned citizens to deliver a petition requesting that the U.S. Senator put a stop to the color arousal/racist ad floated by the NC GOP and its head Linda Daves. John McCain has

30 Apr 2008

Is A Rockefeller/Hoyer FISA Immunity Deal Imminent?

According to the ACLU, there is rumor of a backroom deal being brokered by Jay Rockefeller on FISA that will include retroactive immunity. I’ve heard from several sources that Steny Hoyer is doing the dirty work on the House side, and some say it will be attached to the new supplemental.

There doesn’t seem to be any greater priorityfor this administration than to get Dick Cheney and the other criminals in the Bush administration retroactive immunity for themselves and their teleco cohorts on their way out the door. Much fear mongering, ads in the districts of freshmen House Democrats, and lookie here, Trent Lott crawls out from under his slimy rock