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Friday News And Link-O-Rama: Some Like It Hot…

Oh, what a tangoed web we weave…

Wolcott takes some mimosa-sipping drunk on conquest wingnuts to task.

Spencer Ackerman takes a long, hard look at McCain’s foreign policy proposals. And sees Bush/Cheney. Shocker.

George Packer wants everyone to take a deep breath. (Or maybe have a mimosa.)

Yglesias points out the NYTimes wankery. Again.

— And Fallows has some information on Chinese information control. (Why do I get the sneaky feeling that David Addington is taking copious notes?)

— A moment of humor via TRex. Bwahahahaha.

Jay Rosen dissects a Chuck Todd comment. And finds it lacking. Can’t wait to see if Jay tackles this one next. Good lord. (H/T Somerby.)

Susie Madrak catches a Matt Bai classic. Try looking in the mirror, Exhibit A.

— Another humor break, by the seat of its pants, via Crooks and Liars.

— Nope, no conflict of interest there. (This recall brought to you by the Meat Producers of America. We’re totally telling you everything. No really.) Feeling safer, yet?

Uh. Mah. Gawd. No…wait. Uh. Mah. Gawd. Shades of Harvey and Popeye, anyone?

— I gained weight just reading this at Fallenmonk.

Maha has an update on Tibet. And American Street has a related update as well.

— Shorter Boehlert: Oh lordy, not again. And Carpetbagger has some thoughts on the Dem race dynamic of the moment.

— Fascinating discussion at BagNewsNotes on a Vogue cover.

Not exactly.

Scott Lemieux at LGM has a piece on Dems and choice. Here’s my choice comment on it: no f-ing way.

— John McCain: still bad for your wallet (via OpenLeft). Although Brilliant at Breakfast does find examples of whose wallets he’d be good for, in case you were wondering. And Ezra Klein calls bullshit on the McCain knows something other than cowboy diplomacy delusion.

— For more on Obama foreign policy proposals, start here.

— And some interesting thoughts on resiliency versus demagoguery from Foreign Affairs, which also highlights an article on democracy in retreat around the globe. They are also still hosting all the foreign policy essays from presidential candidates, in case you missed them.

— Just depressing. (H/T Juan Cole)

The Poorman has a few thoughts on Mickey Kaus.

— Even "loyal" Bushies are sick of this crap.

SteveAudio manages to both crack me up and disgust me with a single Cheney photo and caption. Impressive.

— Let’s all join tbogg’s call for mercy: show you care, watch what you wear. It’s the new new. Or not.  So very NOT.

What’s catching your eye in the news or on the blogs today?

(YouTube — who doesn’t love a blend of Billy Wilder, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis? From Some Like It Hot…)

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