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Anti-Emo Riots Break Out Across Mexico

Yeah.  I thought the head line was funny at first too.  It wasn’t until I actually read the article at Wired that I actually said “wow, how fucked up”.  

Riot police have taken to the streets of several cities in Mexico to … defend emo kids?

A series of attacks on dyed-hair, eye-makeup-wearing emo kids began in early March when several hundred people went on an emo-beating rampage in Querétaro, a town of 1.5 million about 160 miles north of Mexico City.

The next week, shaggy-haired emo teenagers were harassed again by punks and rockabillys in the capital, prompting police protection and a segment on the TV news. Most recently, a Mexican newspaper reported that metal heads and gangsters have warned Tijuana’s emo kids to stay away from the town’s fair next month.

First, by some accounts, the emo subculture is identified with homosexuality in Mexico. As Mexico City youth worker Victor Mendoza told “At the core of this is the homophobic issue. The other arguments are just window dressing for that.”

Gustavo Arellano, the author of Ask a Mexican and an editor at OC Weekly, said that the sexual ambiguities cultivated by emo fashion helped set the group up for targeting by more macho groups.

I guess it’s not entirely surprising that homophobia would be a component of this, but rather that the result of homophobia would be a riot.


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