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26,000 Cosigners to FEC Complaint Against McCain…And Counting

We’ve had over 26,000 people cosign the complaint to the FEC against John McCain for campaign finance law violation (Christy has the background here). We’re going to be delivering the signatures on Monday to the FEC with the help of Joe Sudbay of AmericaBlog and Reverend Lennox Yearwood, and we’d love to get to 30,000.

This is what Mr. Straight Talk said on the floor of the Senate in 2003 (h/t bemar):

The purpose of the presidential public financing system is to allow candidates to run competitive races for the presidency without becoming dependent on or obligated to campaign donors. That purpose is undermined when a candidate opts out of the system to raise and spend large amounts of private money for a primary or general election race. Such candidates should not be able to reject public financing and then get the system’s benefits when it suits their tactical advantage. A candidate should have to opt in or out of the system for the whole election.

John McCain doesn’t just change his positions to pander to the fundies, he also does it for his own political convenience. Flauting the very campaign finance laws he helped to pass — "for thee but not for me" — makes it clear that he’s not a maverick, he’s not an independent, he’s just a garden variety Republican hypocrite.

If you’d like to add your name to the complaint, you can do it here.

And if you have friends you’d like to tell about it, you can send them an email here.

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