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Sally Kern tells her side on the tee-vee

(UPDATE: It looks like a candidate has stepped up to unseat the homophobe. Dem Ron Marlett, a social worker at Community Pathways Unlimited, said Kern’s outrageous comments spurred him to action.)

Hat tip to bookwrm1, who noted in the comments of another thread that No-Show Sally Kern did show up on TV on Easter Sunday  on KFOR-TV to bleat about her bigotry.

She did not apologize or recant her words.  She denied having said them several times, then in the same breath turned right around and said them again to the cleric’s face.  She is a real piece of work. She also gives the impression of being dumb as a rock, because she can’t even remember what political committees she is on or who serves with her.

And here’s her stellar appearance…

NG has part 2.


Judy Shepard guestposted at about Kern’s comments. Read a snippet below the fold.

Sally Kern’s comments hit me like a punch to the gut.  I was enormously saddened that someone-anyone, really, but especially an elected official-could say such mean things about other human beings.  We have so much to deal with already-the incessant dreary news about war, about the economy, about shocking crimes. I’m amazed that someone like Sally Kern found the time to push a whole new theory about who we should fear.

But as despicable as Sally Kern’s ideas are, she is of course free to shout them from the rooftops. One of the oddest responses of people who agree with her has been that we are trying to restrict her freedom of speech.  In reality, the Victory Fund gave her a megaphone.  If she’s that proud of her speech, she must be thrilled that more than 1 million people have listened to it.

…I don’t know why Sally Kern is proud of comparing gay people to cancer or terrorism, but count me as someone who’s listening now to people like her. She may be free to say people like my son are a threat to America, but when she does she puts other mothers’ sons in danger. I pray she doesn’t say it anymore.

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