We’ve been waiting for this to happen.  Blenders have been expecting the AFA to use it’s BS source, OneNewsNow, to defend Sally Kern’s statement.  It’s the same-old from the bigots, especially from LaBabs herself.


‘Gay hate campaign’ targets Okla. lawmaker

Jim Brown – OneNewsNow – 3/25/2008 6:00:00 AM

Conservative groups are rushing to the defense of an Oklahoma lawmaker who has been branded a “gay basher” for decrying the homosexual lifestyle.

Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R) sparked an angry uproar in many liberal circles recently when she declared that “the homosexual agenda is destroying the nation” and is a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism or Islam. She also stated that “studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades.” Kern has subsequently said she meant to say “generations” instead of “decades.” (See earlier story)

After a homosexual activist group posted her comments on YouTube, Kern has been accused of homophobia, bigotry and “Republican hate speech,” among other things. Peter LaBarbera with the conservative group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality says a “torrent of homosexual hate” was unleashed against Representative Kern, including some messages threatening physical harm, prompting her to hire a bodyguard.

According to LaBarbera, those attacking Kern did some “careful editing” to a secretly recorded copy of her speech.

“For example, they left out the part where she says, ‘The book that I base my life upon is God’s Word, and it says to love everybody — and I try to love everybody, but not everybody’s lifestyle is equal.’ Well,” he continues, “they just started with the part where it says ‘not everybody’s lifestyle is equal.’ They didn’t want to have Sally Kern on tape saying that she loves everybody.”

The Americas for Truth spokesman argues that the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which posted the redacted version of her speech, is trying to make example of Kern. “They are trying to show that if you speak out forcefully against the gay agenda in this country, that you will be demonized [and that] this flood of hate will be unleashed against you — and that’s what they did,” he states.

LaBarbera says although it is debatable that the homosexual agenda is a larger threat than terrorism, most social conservatives would agree that homosexual activism is a threat to the U.S. The Thomas More Law Center has agreed to represent Kern should she face any legal action for her comments.

Despite that Pam posted a link to the whole speech last week, LaBabs is still trying to defend Kern.

Anyway, I though Freepers were bad.  But some of these comments are written by those who are drunk off of Kool-Aid.  Kiss-Ass!

“The Bible teaches us to love our enemies and those who spitefully use us. Sally Kern is fulfilling that command. The Bible tells us to love sinners but it also tells us to condemn the sin but not the sinner. God calls us to be in the world but not of the world. Sally Kern is a heroine, a woman of great faith and courage.”

“”She’s a Representative which means….” She’s an elected official. If you don’t like what she stands for elect someone else. That works both ways people know whom you’re electing. We need to get the morally weak out of office. I see a lot of concerns about our schools being avenues for the gay agenda, its part of the “it take a village” mentality. Along those lines the biggest village contributor sit right in your front room. Yup it’s your TV.”

“Why is there such a “homosexual agenda” in this country when it is such a minority? There are probably more vegetarians out there than there are homosexuals but nobody is trying to indoctrinate our children in public schools on becoming or being accepting of vegetarianism. For pity sake, it’s a choice. I won’t put my children in public school because I don’t want them indoctrinated with the devil’s lies. Oh and I am a former lesbian too. Praise Jesus. He has always been the better choice!!”

“Good Job Sally Kern!! Homosexuality is NOT GODs lifestyle. It is an illness!!!”

“God Bless you Sally! Thank God for someone who is a true hero for our culture! I agree, our country will no longer be blessed if we continue to support a destructive lifestyle. This lifestyle is destructive from either point of view, moral as well as physcical.”

“”Ironic….the homosexual community demands tolerance. Yet they have none to give to others who disagree with them. Typical.” Would you say the same thing to the Klan when black people were working for equal rights – Should the minority that is striving for equal rights somehow support those who don’t think they should be treated equally???? The point here is that Sally is entitled to her opinion – She does not have the right to impose her religion on others through legislation.”

“Why are her comments considered a “hate speech” as one writer below says? Just because you don’t agree with her doesn’t make her bad. Sally tried to explain that we are to love the sinner but not the sin. And yes, we are all sinners and those who seek forgiveness in Christ recieve forgiveness.”

“For representation’s sake lets take a public head count in Oklahoma of homosexuals and then one of heterosexuals to see which is the majority to be represented by Kern…. but I can’t help but wonder how fast the gays make it across the state line before the rednecks can catch them after the head count. “An Okie from Muskogee””

“I agree with miss Kern. I sick and tired of the gay perverts in this country trying to run everything. Its perversion and it should be stated as so.”

“THANK YOU SALLY- I thank God you weren’t an abortion-”

“Sally nailed it and the truth hurts.”

“I agree with Sally, and so does the Bible and our Creator…yes, I too am afraid for their immortal souls.”

“I wish we had more legislators with the guts Sally Kern has . . . wish our President had the guts she has.”

“WOW! An honest, moraly responsible representative! I applaud her! It’s amazing how those in that lifestyle like to twist words to suit their agenda and condemn someone that has a difference of opinion. God Bless Sally Kern for speaking out against a sinful lifestyle. Speaking the truth is not a hate crime and for the time being, we still have freedom of speech!! As she said, she tries to love everyone but not the lifestyle the homosexuals have chosen. Thank you Sally Kern!!”

“The Truth ;”

“If gays are a worse terrorist threat than al-Qaeda, does that mean Sally is willing to give the gay citizens of the USA a discount on their taxes? Or does she think gay Americans should still pay their fair share of taxes despite her view of how dangerous they are? She is completely free to say whatever she likes and the gay population is likewise free to respond to her with the same sincerity she used.”

“I think am very proud that someone would finally not be afraid to speak the truth about homosexuality, granted we are to love them as Jesus loved us and pray that those involved in this practice will change. This lifestyle is an abomination before God. I’d also like to state Sally Kern has as much right to express her views as those who are opposed to them, what’s right is right and nothing is going to change that.”


“Thanks for standing up, Ms Kern! It’s about time that conservatives stop apologizing for speaking the truth, not just about homosexualism, but about everything the liberals support. The truth is not “hate speech”, any more than it is mudslinging or negative attacking… it’s simply the truth, and how can anyone legitimately deny that the truth to be spoken? If the liberals are as “tolerant” as they claim to be, why not just accept the fact that some people will not agree with them, and move on? In truth (there’s that word again), the liberals are the least-tolerant of anyone!”

“Why would ANYBODY face legal action for stating their honest opinion?”

“Un-natural Sex is a SIN , it if filthy and immoral. Those who practice this lifestyle will have to answer to Almighty God one day. My prayer is that you will turn away from your sins and accept God as your personal Savior.”

“Thank you for speaking up. It takes courage to do so. I can’t say that about our weak spined lawmakers. This life style is deviant behavior and sould be treated as such. Stay the course and don’t back down.”

“Need more like you in Congress”

“Keep up the good work, Sally. Don’t cave to the Homosexual agenda.”

“Rep Kern is free to say what she wants to but when she demonstrates she is unable or unwilling to fairly represent any segment of her constituent because of personal prejudice she is unfit to serve a position of public trust.”

“”love thy neighbor as thy self” I will agree with you, however, I do not have to agree with a life style that is threating. My Dad lives the homosexual life style. I love him dearly and I will always honor him because that is also a commandment. But he knows this; I do not except his lifestyle and he knows that I’m against those living in that lifestyle and that are trying to push it into our schools and family’s. I will do as Jesus say’s and Love thy Neighbor. But I will also tell that neighbor that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God and need to repent and ask for forgivness and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. By doing that, we leave our sinful lifestyles and walk the path Jesus has for us. Homosexuality is a sin and I commend Sally Kern for standing up for what is right. More of our leaders need to do the same.”

“Good job Sally! I agree with you 100%, What’s more God agrees with you as well!”

“Actually, the word “homophobic” refers to someone who is afraid OF homosexuals. Most people who believe that life-style is Biblically sinful, are not afraid OF homosexuals, but afraid FOR them (that is, the judgement of God that the Bible says will come on that live-style). There is a tremendous difference between the two.”

“Thank you it’s about time someone spoke up and set the record stright. Homosexuals is a life style and is all it ever should be. she is right the Bible states the truth does not matter what they think. God Bless America.”

“Good job Sally Kern. If all of our Reps and Senators would do the same thing these people would crawl back in there holes or move to a country that likes them”

“What happened to free speech? It works when it’s on the opposing side but not when their morals contradict what Christians are taught in the Bible, their rule book. What about dath threats, and hate mail? It seems to me that is worse than speaking the truth in love as we are taught to do. JML FL”

“How much money is spent recovering from pro-homosexual bills (or attempted legal status) – in the work place, schools, legal fees and so on (it is not a trivial amount). It’s money that could spent saving a life or researching alternative “green” fuels!”

“Just because one respects her right to free speech, doesn’t mean we have to respect what she’s saying. There is a difference.”

“Good work Sally!!!”

“I pray for this Representatives safety, and encourage her and all heterosexuals to stand firm as civilly as one can.”

“She’s a Representative which means she represents EVERYONE in her state not just her fellow Christians and other people who agree with her.”

“The whole point of this, is not whether you agree with her or not. It’s whether she has a right to say this freely. She certainly does.”

“Good job Sally Kern. It is good to see someone stand up for morals against such perverted and destructive lifestyles. We all need to take more of a stand against this abomination and maybe we can help more people be cured of this disease.”

“Am proud of you for speaking up for us. The ACLU/Homosexual terrorists seem to be having their way–Why doesn’t the Constitution protect it’s people? We see to have no leadership, anymore.”

“Conservatives have free speech rights too. We have a right to declare what we find repulsive and deplorable. It is the homosexual lifestyle we deplore, the ones who declare themselves homosexual are pitiful and sick.”

“Is this really the only job you are qualified for? You are a loser.”

“There is no need to broadcast her saying she loves everybody as that is quite clearly a lie.”

“God will protect her and condemn the Gays and their supporters. Isiah 5 says “Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil.” They need to go after the people threatening her for “hate crimes”.”

“God bless Representative Kern for her honesty and courage.”

“Love thy neighbor as thy self.”

“History can tell us volumes about society and the things that build it up and lead to its downfall. Decades may have been the right word.”

“God bless you Sally Kern, keep up the good fight!!!!”

“I feel remorse for our country where we now have violet threats from those that don’t agree with a point of view.”

“I happen to agree with Kern. I believe if we lose the moral fabric of this country, we are finished. And I believe we have Islamofascist terrorists on the outside and ACLU/homosexual terrorists on inside this country, both trying to destroy it.”

“I love you, Sally Kern! You are a true hero to Christians everywhere! Let’s speak the truth about sexual deviants. thank you, and good luck!”

“Agreed. We do need more leaders, and not just political ones, who are willing to speak and defend the truth regarding this abnormal, destructive behavior and take a stand against its most radical practioners whose agenda it is to force this abomination upon our children via the public education system!”

“The issue here is freedom of speach. Even if you do not agree with her statements she still has the right to voice her opinion. The gay agenda has the right to voice it’s opinion. What it does not have the right to do is to try and remove Kern’s ability to speak out against homosexuality. Our freedoms will only endure if they remain untampered with.”

“Christians have NO freedom of speech, and it is getting worse.”

“When is homosexual hate speach going to stop? Civil war maybe?”

“We must pray for this courageous woman who is not afraid to tell the truth about this sin. Thank you for stantding up for what is honest and true. You are the type of heroes we need in government.”

“I agree, it is an abomination to God, and destructive perverse acts of Sin. those who are that perverse do not like us to tell them it is a Sin against GOD.”

“We as people that belive the word of god is true every word need to stand up for this lady.We dont need to be hateful as the homosexuals are but it time we stop being silent Gods word says it wrong that makes it wrong.pray for this problem god can take care of it”

“Does anyone know of any nation that excepted homosexuality as a normal lifestyle that was able to survive for very long? Answer “none””

“The Oklahoma State Police that investigated the emails sent to her found NO threats of any kind, and as an elected official, she should be held to a higher standard than to disparage some of her constituents.”

“I hope more people speak out about this deviant lifestyle. I am concerned how they are targeting our children in schools. It needs to stop.”

“As far as the soul of America, YES, the homosexual agenda is far, far more dangerous to America than any terrorist organizations will ever be.”

“It would be good to post the full version of her comments on youtube.”

“Thank you Representative Kern, for your honest assessment of the moral detioration of our great nation. The truth is hard for many to hear, but it must be proclaimed if we are going to have a prayer’s chance of salvaging this great country of ours.”

“She deserved this.”

“Rightly said…”

“The real hatemongers are the homosexual activitists. Everything they represent and the way they act is unBiblical and unChristian.”

“I agree, unless we firmly take a stand on this issue we will continue to lose the battle and our children to this addictive behavior.”

“So she spewed hateful comments and as a result received hateful comments in response. Im sure this was the reaction she was hoping for to grab some headlines. You reap what you sow”

“Ironic….the homosexual community demands tolerance. Yet they have none to give to others who disagree with them. Typical.”

“More policians need to speak out against this perversion, before it destroys the very fabric of our culture.”

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