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Do you Christians know who we are?

  I ask you honestly.  Do you know what we contribute to society?

 We, the Family of the LGBT are every where.  Yeppers, everyplace in your life that you never think of and I will let you know.  So pay attention so you can try to avoid us as you claim we are EVIL and TRYING TO DESTROY THE WORLD!

 I did a bit of reseach to help all you Christians out to help you avoid businesses that employ LGBT people.

 You might want to read below to find things to avoid,  Aviod flying by all means, as LGBT people didn’t only build the plane, we maintain them. Airbus and Boeing.  And the Jet Engines built that powers them.  (you do a bit of research here)  

 OH, anything built with ALUMINUM you better avoid as well.  This includes windows on your house, parts if you own a boat and uses any kind of motor.  better stay with home made oars to avoid anything built by a LGBT person.

 Don’t put gas in your car!  You best beware here, the chances that a LGBT person drove that tanker truck to delver the fuel to the gas station is plenty high. From what I hear MtF transexuals drive those trucks, and be wary of two woman driving a big rig.  They could be driving the food you eat to the grocery store you buy from.  

 REMEMBER, Grow your own food and make your own bio fuel because a LGBT person mostlikely had part of getting the product to the store.  Be sure to ask where you buy things to make sure they are LGBT free from contamination

 OH, did I mention that I have a few LGBT friends that work at the US POST OFFICE!  Keep away from your mail box!!!  You never know who licked that stamp or filled the eletrnic stamper. You never know where that tounge has been. (sorry had to add that, the oral thing)

 DAMN, you know what I just found out today, There are two queers working at the place I have my dry cleaning done, and they are both Asians and Gay.  I will keep taking my Business Suits there because they do a great job.  Knowing they are Gay is a plus.  You better look into your dry cleaners too if you need to stay LGBT free.

 Well, lets talk about tourism, we all know Disney has LGBT people, but what about the Ski lodges in Utah and Colorado?  I thought I would be LGBT free there.  After all the mountains are supposed to be God’s Country.  And there they were, the Gays.  OMG was that two sister hugging at th bottom of the slope or a couple of lesbians that made their first trip down the mountain.  I would guess the lesbian thing as I talked with them and they were open.

 Don’t go on a Gambling cruise ship!  OMG what they have working for them.  YOU would not believe, the Cruise Ship had them LGBT people all about.  they make the drinks on board for crying out loud.  The Black Jack dealer was so open to being gay, he called out, “A ONE EYED JACK” only to find out he was talking about a card.  

 And the Plumbing Companies.  Stay away from Home Depot and Lowes.  They have LGBT truckers too that deliver.  Not only that, BEWARE of the gals talking hardare at those stores.  Who would want a woman that knew her nuts, bolts and studs.

 I almost forgot the clothing and fabrics of today.  These are the most contaminated.  Thong underwear was created for woman by men I think?  I am not sure really.  but someone designed it for men and some women like their men in a thong. but some guts like their men in a thong to.  WOW,  Women like wearing then too!!  Go figure.  OHHH this nderwear thing has got me flumixed.  Who and who likes what on who?

 Let them figure that out and sell the product.

Next sale at Victoiria Secret, I am there tFredricks is a mus

 Which group spends the most at whre.

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