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SF Torches Constitution For Beijing’s Olympic Commissars

Our fair city of San Francisco plans to suspend the Constitution for the Olympic Torch relay April 9th. I know SF is leftist, but even here – do our leaders really want to surrender the nation’s Constitution to the Communist Chinese leaders without firing a shot?

For fifty years, we’ve been trashing our schools and hospitals to pay for missiles and bombers. Hell, if we were just gonna surrender anyway we could skipped the Cold War and saved the trillions for our kids.

Let’s go all the way: rename the McArthur Tunnel the Great Tube of The People and replace the traffic police boot squad with organ "harvest" surgeons. At least Mayor Newsom could take credit for solving our parking shortage.

Because of the controversy generated by China hosting the Olympics, city officials coordinating the main torch relay event plan to designate areas for people to protest the Chinese government or other issues. The designated "free-speech zones" have been used at large events in other cities but have not had a significant presence in San Francisco.

[SF County Supervisor] Daly is critical of those zones and says he might amend his resolution to condemn their use.

"I don’t see why we should break from our pattern of how we handle mass protests or demonstrations for China," he said.

Mayor Gavin Newsom said he has "very serious concerns" about the situation in Tibet but said that the city is "privileged" to be the torch’s only stop in North America and that the event should rise above political concerns.

Ain’t doublespeak grand? Don’t ya love that term: "free-speech zones"? Doesn’t it give your inner secret policeman a stiffy?

So…we value our free speech so much we’ll cram it away out of earshot to please the world’s largest tyranny, the human flesh merchants who run the tyranny, and the pampered princes of the USOC?


Why should a city renowned for union activism and solidarity tape over our mouths for the world’s largest tormentor of labor activists?

Why a should a city renowned for free public expression collude with China’s tyrants to bring Beijing’s oppression here to the US?

After fifty years of threatening to blow up the world ’cause the Communists would take our freedoms, why should Americans let SF’s pols piss away those freedoms to please a bunch of murderous, organ-peddling tyrants and the USOC plutocrats who suck their gore-soaked cocks?

April 9th is the day for patriots across America to come to the Bay Area and remind SF’s craven leaders that our freedoms and our Constitution are sacred. Americans haven’t been dying for 232 years so Gavin Newsom can graduate from alcohol rehab and fucking his good friend’s wife to sign off on suspending our basic rights. Americans haven’t been dying for 232 years so the SF Board of Supervisors can purchase their all expenses-paid trade junkets to China by selling our basic freedoms. Americans haven’t been dying for 232 years so the manicured plutocrats who run the USOC can tell us to shut the fuck up in our own country.

Fuck that noise.

The super-rich wealthy enough to join the USOC rulership have already colluded with China to arbitrage away our jobs, destroy our communities, and provide the Chinese tyrants murdering Tibet and her people with political cover for genocide. Hey – anything goes if it makes obscenely rich people richer – right?

Now the super-rich want to sell off our Constitution so they can suck up to the planet’s biggest organized crime racket: the Chinese government.

Fuck them and their contempt for our freedom, our Constitution, and basic human rights.

Stand up to the tyrants of Beijing and the uber-wealthy USOC board.

Honor the athletes – defy the tyrants.

Stand on the streets of SF April 9th and reclaim America’s rights for all of us. Join us in SF to tell China’s corrupt murderous regime to fuck off and die. And while you’re at it, tell our besotted mayor and the craven SF Board of Supes colluding with him what you think of traitors who sell out America’s Constitution to please the butchers of Communist China.

Join us in protecting our freedom and calling for Tibet’s freedom – and the freedom of China’s people from her corrupt leaders.

Come to SF on April 9th – and speak up.

Oh – and Gavin? I don’t know if it was all the years on the sauce, or the hair gel finally got to your brain, but since you can’t be trusted with your dick, why would you think we’d trust you to control our mouths?

Next time you wanna fuck with our Constitution, Gavin – just say no.

PS: Gavin, the day after you told us you’d "harvested" our Constitution for sale to Beijing, you tried to tell us it was all a big misunderstanding:

Mayor Gavin Newsom revealed the first scant details Thursday about plans for the Beijing Olympic torch’s April 9 stop in San Francisco….he emphatically stated that no one would be denied the right to protest its presence.


The mayor said that the route for the torch relay has been broadly determined, but he did not provide information about specific streets… He also declined to specify the time of the festivities other than to say they will not take place during commute hours.


Newsom…said no attempts would be made to suppress protests – not even those along the relay route.

"But no one will be denied the ability to protest all along the parade route if, indeed, they find that it is a great idea because they want to disrupt what should be a unifying event and try to make it more divisive," Newsom said. (emphasis added)

Uhh – Mr. Mayor, your Freudian slip is showing. But I digress.

He said protesters who want to stage a larger demonstration will be allowed to obtain permits in areas within sight and hearing distance of the beginning and end of the routeActivists said last week that they had been unable to obtain such permits, but Newsom vowed to review the permit applications.

Protesters without permits would be allowed in the so-called free-speech zones, he said.

Gee – how generous. So protesters with permits and protesters without permits get to go stand in the "free speech" pens. That’s a solution, Gavin?

Uh – Gavin? You may have been too busy getting plastered and fucking your friends’ wives to notice, but here in SF we don’t need no stinking permits to speak in public – and we ain’t gonna start getting them now. Even if we wanted to get permits, Mayor Hair Gel, your little scheme makes the route/time of the Great Torch March Forward a City Secret: held just for those with Need To Know.

I do hope you’ve decided to clue in the relay runners.

But – outside of your nearest and dearest in City Hall – the rest of us are expected to come cap (or mousse) in hand and scrape before one of your corrupt pols for a permit to assemble for petition of grievances? What part of prior restraint don’t you understand, winebar boy?

Let me get this straight, Mayor Orwell – we’re all free to protest wherever we want – as long as where we want is where the riot squad tells us to stand at the beginning and end of the Great Torch March Forward? Locations which just happen to be City Secrets – kinda like your scrogging your aide?

So, Gavin, in your perfect magnanimity, you deign to allow "organized protests" to obtain permits to assemble at the secret locations? You’re leaving the secret route of the Great Torch March Forward to – what? Disorganized protests? And who the fuck makes the decree what’s an "organized" versus a "disorganized" protest? You, Gavin – you lying treacherous sot? Your latest fuck-toy on the SF payroll? Some First Amendment scholar who joined the SFPD Riot Squad as their day job – to indulge their Kevlar fetish?

Mayor Mousse, in a city of bike riders, you should at least learn competent backpedalling. Your March 20 "solution" is yet another scam, one that leaves you and the people who come to work in SF with guns on their belts telling the people who pay your aides’ bloated salaries to shut up and take our "organized" protests where they won’t offend the delicate sensibilities of Beijing’s kidney merchants and the uber-wealthy princes of the USOC.

Fuck that noise and fuck you and your subversion of the Constitution, Gavin Newsom. You should have stuck with peddling orthotics to podiatrists: you’re not fit to tell us or the Constitution to bend over and take it in the ass. When we want butt plugs, we’ll go to Good Vibrations.

The rest of us will you see you in the streets April 9th – where we’ll be telling the butchers of Beijing to get the hell out of Tibet – and calling to free the people of China from the armed kleptocracy of the PLA and Communist Party tyrants.

Gavin, if you don’t like it, go back to pulling asbestos and cleaning toilets – until your fine plutocrat friends with the wealth to sit on the USOC Board find a way to outsource even those jobs.

[photo: wai.ti]

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