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Every once in a while an idea gobsmacks me with its brilliant simplicity. Meet Knitting Liberally:

These little works of art, knit with yarn donated by Webs, are awaiting their trip to the New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT), where they will be distributed to the children they serve as part of our Knitting Liberally Giving Project. 

Today was the due date for turning in the toys. However, if you did not quite make it in time, but will be finished with your cuddly submission by the end of the week, contact us and we will work out a plan to get your toy before we deliver them to NELCWIT.

Thanks, everyone, for donating your hard work, talent and time to this project!

More here and here

Bill Scher, of Liberal Oasis, was telling me about this at Take Back America, and I just think it’s a brilliant way to tap into under-served networking potential and also find a like-minded pal group in your community  among whom you can talk politics and life and…well, pretty much what we do here every Saturday morning.  Just imagine for a moment what a great community network could be built out of a few building blocks set into place in your area.

And then I started spinning off potential ideas in my brain as I was driving home from TBA:  

— Community Cooking And Serving Liberally — a group that could volunteer at a local soup kitchen a couple of times a month. 

— Cooking Liberally — just your regular old cooking club, monthly get-together with folks who want to talk political activism.

— Golfing Liberally — you won’t find me there (I suck) but there are lots of folks who love it.

— Bowling Liberally — you could have your own team for the local bowling league.  Or two.

— Reading Liberally — projects to do readings at local libraries, hospitals or to seniors at nursing homes who are often incredibly grateful for visitors. 

— Liberally Cleaning Up Our Environment — an environmental group that cleans up streams, roadways, plants flowers and all sorts of other community projects.

— Gardening Liberally — plant an extra tomato plant or two, or some cucumbers and donate extra produce to folks who need it at the homeless or battered women’s shelters.

It’s an endless list of potential.  And it all spins off from the original Drinking Liberally — which is a genius idea in its own right.   Just one little idea that could…and did, and is still doing.  Thought we could talk about other potential ideas this morning about things to do in your own community — or things you are already doing.  Pull up a chair…

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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