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Personal Religious Beliefs of Candidates

If you can show me how a candidate’s personal religious beliefs have affected their political positions or their voting record, I’ll pay attention. I haven’t seen any demonstrable proof that Obama’s association with Jeremiah Wright have. I’ve always been troubled by Hillary Clinton’s culture warrior stuff regarding video games, but haven’t seen any evidence that this was a position she changed to please any particular religious group. As someone who has watched it over time I think she really just believes it.

On the other hand, John McCain has twisted himself into a morally pliant pretzel trying to please every religious right loon who stumbles along, so there are good reasons to question who he is associating himself with because they have had considerable influence over his decision making process in the past.

If it’s just a matter of someone’s personal religious beliefs, as long as they are committed to a separation of church and state I frankly don’t see any reason why I should care.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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