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Conyers: “If Bush Goes Into Iran, He Should Be Impeached”

christy-conyers.jpgJohn Conyers just finshed up a panel with John Cole and Christy Hardin Smith at Take Back America with words that were heartening to everyone made just a wee bit uneasy by the recent retirement of Admiral Fallon and the implications it might have for war with Iran:

"If Bush Goes Into Iran, He Should Be Impeached," said Conyers.

Conyers also said that with regard to FISA, the House was going into conference with the Senate. That the Senate wanted to give retroactive immunity to the telecoms, and that the House is saying "let a judge decide." But he also made the point that it wasn’t just the Republicans who were the problem:

"There were about seventeen Democratic senators that bought into that business. We need to straighten them out," he said.

Christy also noted that if the White House said the telecoms did nothing wrong, they certainly issued some indemnification letters — and that the legal departments at the telecoms would never have signed off without them.

So where are they?

Update: I forgot to mention — Conyers publicly chewed Christy out for the thousands of phone calls she regularly unleashes on his office. So everyone who feels entitled to share responsibility for that — take a bow.

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