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Just like Vegas…

Now that Black Separatist/Muslim/America Hater Barack Hussein Sucker MC Guttural Click Click Ngaio Obama has renounced and rejected (but stopped short of lynching, proving he’s not really sincere) Rev. Jeremiah Wright, I think it is time for the members of the Supreme Court to come clean too.

Therefore Justices John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito need to apologize for belonging to a child molesting ring run by an ex-Nazi. John Paul Stevens is a splitter. David Souter belongs to a religion so boring that even he livens it up. And Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Steven Breyer’s religious ancestors killed everyone else’s savior which probably makes for some tense moments during the holidays, particularly around late December.

Everybody, on your knees.

On the other hand , in light of the Wright phony-baloney, bullshit, grabbing-at-straws , fake controversy it’s very sad to see that Obama now stands no chance of garnering Gun Counter Gomer’s vote:

McCain, by comparison, is guilty of pandering to Haggee and Parsley because of the (unfortunate) influence they have over a powerful voting demographic.

I can find scant evidence that McCain has sat though one sermon from Hagee or Parsley, much less 20 years of them.

Which is worse?The politician that panders for votes, or the man who has listened to and internalized anti-American, anti-Jewish, and anti-white messages for 20 years before ever once publicly disagreeing with them, and who is raising his children in this same toxic environment?

Not only am I certain Barack Obama is unfit to run this nation, I now question his ability to raise his own children, for the hatred he has willingly exposed them to since their births.

Wow. Who saw that coming? Certainly not me.

In many ways, the relationship between the right wing and Rev. Wright is an awkward one. On the one hand they despise the comments he made about their lily-white, trailer park, Wonder Bread, Jesus-rode-a-dinosaur existence. On the other hand, he gave them a cudgel (a soft foam one like kids use at the swimming pool) with which to beat on Obama; the words made flesh by Fox News.

And for this they must be grateful, because they must feel like they’ve been fighting Barack Obama with one brain tied behind their back, when they haven’t yet figured out how to go all nigger nigger nigger on him without sounding, you know, racist and stuff. That is an awful cross to bear. Burning or not…

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