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Barrow, Boswell, Ellsworth and Space Vote Themselves Off the Island

survivor-micronesia.thumbnail.jpgBig turnaround from the majority of the Bush Dogs who signed the letter to Nancy Pelosi in support of retroactive telecom immunity. In the final vote, 14 of them flipped, including 4 of the 6 targeted by Blue America. (Marcy has a list of those who did the right thing, and their websites for anyone so inclined to thank them.)

That is just awesome. And props to Harry Reid.

Which leaves Chris Carney and Heath Shuler to be the beneficiaries of your largesse.

(As a Blue America side note, word has it that Rahm Emanuel will be kissing babies in immigrant neighborhoods soon. That offer of an FDL t-shirt to anyone who gets it on tape just got upped to a hundred bucks.)

On to the Senate, where we’ll also no doubt be taking out some ads. Anyone so inclined to donate to the effort can do it here.

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