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MoveOn.Org Announces “Obama in 30 Seconds” Contest

moveon_logo.gifFrom the Associated Press today:

Sen. Barack Obama’s advertising team is getting some friendly competition from film pros with some Oscar clout like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

The liberal group, reprising a 2004 ad contest against President Bush, has enlisted the actors to help select an ad supporting Obama’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. MoveOn plans to air the winning commercial on national television, but organizers hope the real benefit could come simply from media attention, Internet buzz and the star power behind it.

. . . Participants in the "Obama in 30 Seconds" contest will have until April 1 to submit their entries. MoveOn members, which the organization places at 3.2 million people, will be able to vote on their favorites by watching them on the MoveOn Web site. The top 15 entries will then be judged by a panel of liberal activists, recording artists and Hollywood notables.

Among them will be Affleck and Damon, both Academy Award winning actors and writers. Also judging will be actor Steve Buscemi, film director Oliver Stone, singer songwriters Moby, Eddie Vedder and John Legend, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons.

MoveOn plans to announce the winner five days before the April 22 Pennsylvania primary.

Of less interest to the AP, but perhaps more in these parts, is that other judges will include Nefarious Orange Overlord Markos Moulitsas and blogosphere-supported congressional candidate Donna Edwards. has more at their new Obama in 30 Seconds site, including contest rules and background info about Obama (I guess in case you wanted to make an ad supporting him, but have no idea why).

Given past kerfluffles involving, the rules naturally ask that submissions be positive, respectful, not slam other Democratic candidates, etc. … but hey, we’re not here. So while no one wants any hateful pie-fighting (really, we’ve all seen enough), feel free to get a little irreverent — or not — in kicking around the ideas you’d like to see if you were involved with this contest.

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