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Late Nite FDL: “Daddy, what’s a ‘gay prostitute’?”

Nazis were big on ‘family values’, too

Nazis were big on \’family values\’, too

Saw this headline in Yahoo!News: "Spitzer Scandal Tricky for Parents".

Change "Spitzer" to "Clinton", and you have stories that were originally written ten or (like this one by Ron Fournier) eight years ago. Or rather, as this NYT piece shows, Republican TV ads pitching that very point: (And of course last fall, Mitt Romney snidely referenced the awful alleged horrors of parents allegedly needing to explain oral sex to their children as a result of Hillary’s Vile Husband. Oh Noes! SexEd! Eeeek! I put my kids in private school just so they’d never learn what a penis is!)

Oddly enough, there was no handwringing about "what will we tell the kiddies?" when David Vitter was exposed. Or Larry Craig. (That’s right: Nobody last year was writing stories about poor little kids asking their fathers "Daddy, what’s a ‘gay prostitute’?"*) Or Bob Livingston. Or Mark Foley. Or Newt Gingrich. Or Philip Giordano. Or Ken Calvert, Or Bob Packwood. Or Dan Burton. Or Helen Chenoweth. Or Jack Ryan. Or… hell, just go here for a by-no-means-complete list of Republican sex scandals that never ever triggered the "what will we tell the children?" concern trolling from the GOP/Media Complex.

Oh, God in Heaven: Now another AP story is headlined "Clues to Spitzer’s demise may be found in his childhood". Like he was a goddamn serial killer. Gee, there’s nothing like dime-store psychiatry. And now we have yet another concern-troll dissection of What It’s Like To Be A Wronged Wife. Again, we saw none of this shit with Larry Craig or David Vitter or any other Republican.

Just kill me now.

(*h/t to Eli for the title)

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