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Baghdad Bush Addresses The Troops

53708815_20a8be839f_o.jpgFor today’s example of the GOP’s state of pathological denial, we turn to Mr. 32%’s delusional speech to the NRCC.

I think 2008 is going to be a fabulous year for the Republican Party.

I’m not sure "fabulous" means what Chimpy thinks it means.

And the reason why I believe that is because when the American people look at our ideals versus the ideals of the Democrats, when they look at what we believe versus what they believe, they are with us. We represent the values of the American people. Our ideas are the ones embraced by the folks.

Well, actually, "the folks" aren’t with you, George. They weren’t with you in ’06, when they kicked your asses out of every level of government. And two years later, they  still pretty much hate your guts. They don’t like either your ideals or your ideas.

We believe in limited government. 

No, you don’t.

Unless you call increasing the size of the federal government beyond LBJ’s wildest dreams, torturing people, spying on US citizens, setting up gulags all over the world, and putting the executive and legislative branches on emergency midnight extra super duper alert to Save Terri "limited."

Let me talk about some of the issues, and why I think we’ll win. We trust people. We Republicans believe you can make the best decisions for your life.

Except if you’re gay and want to get married, and except if you want your brain dead wife to die with dignity, and except if you want to smoke pot, and except if you want to have an abortion…

Seriously, who is he kidding with this shit?

On health care we trust patients to make decisions, not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

On health care, "the folks" prefer Democrats 56-26 over the GOP.

When it comes to education, we trust parents to make the right decisions for their children.

On education, "the folks" prefer Democrats 55-26 over the GOP. 

But I think the biggest issue in this campaign is going to be your taxes. 

Sucks for you, George, because — yep — "the folks" prefer Democrats 49-37 on taxes.

 Wherever we can find a terrorist who would harm the American people, we’ll bring him to justice. We are constantly pressing. And this war against the extremists is now being played out on two major theaters. First is Afghanistan. I laid out a doctrine that said, if you harbor a terrorist, you are equally as guilty as the terrorists. The Taliban and — didn’t believe us, and so the United States of America, after giving the enemy due warning, unleashed the fury of a great military, and in so doing we cleaned out the terrorist training camps from which they launched attacks on the United States and freed 25 million people from the clutches of a barbaric regime.

Wow. The fact that this moron is bragging about how successful his Afghanistan policy has been shows you just how dangerously out of it he is. This paragraph alone is grounds for impeachment.

And so rather than retreating, I made the considered judgment to send reinforcements into the country, in a dramatic move that’s now called "the surge." Fourteen months after I ordered the surge of forces, sectarian killings are down and al Qaeda is on the defense. U.S. and Iraqi forces have captured or killed thousands of extremists in Iraq, including hundreds of key al Qaeda operatives.

And 14 months later, the surge — by Bush’s own stated goals for it — has failed.

A speech like this reminds you that the GOP doesn’t need to just be beaten in ’08 and ’10 and ’12. It needs to be absolutely crushed, smashed beyond all recognition, humiliated, beaten down, utterly destroyed.

Memo to Sen. Obama — bipartisan doesn’t work when the other side is crazy.

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