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Jonah Goldberg Latest Wingnut To Question Obama’s Patriotism

DoughBob Loadpants asks,

If you can’t even say the word [patriotism], how can you claim to love your country?

Hmmm, good point. I can’t really remember the last time I heard Obama say the word "patriotism" — so clearly, he’s an America-hating subversive.

But wait! Teh Google tells me that Obama says the word "patriotism" all the time. Whew.

If Obama spoke about patriotism with the sort of passion he expends on unity, many would take him for some sort of demagogue.

No, but many right wing assholes like DoughBob would still be questioning his patriotism.

But what on Earth could he mean by unity other than a kind of patriotic esprit de corps for the good of his country? Indeed, patriotism is far, far preferable to mere unity. (Mafia syndicates and terrorist cells are unified, after all.)

And millions of Nazis and Soviets were deeply patriotic, after all. And, indeed, I’m sure many Iraqi insurgents are patriots as well.

If you read the speeches of leading Democrats before the Vietnam War, it’s amazing how comfortable they were with patriotic rhetoric. "Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country," stands foursquare against so much of our entitlement culture.

Except, that famous passage isn’t about talking about how much you love the country (DoughBob’s definition of patriotism) it’s about actually serving your country — something DoughBob has never done and Obama’s done for 25 years.

Plus, Kennedy never actually said the word "patriotism" in that speech, which, by DoughBob’s own definition above, makes him ipso facto unpatriotic. Also, JFK suspiciously didn’t wear an American flag lapel pin, so that’s two strikes against him. And he’s a Democrat. Strike three. And a Kennedy. Strike four.

When Democrats do speak of patriotism, it is usually as a means of finding fault with Republicans, corporations or America itself. Hence the irony that questioning the patriotism of liberals is a grievous sin, but doing likewise to conservatives is fine.

Now I’m totally confused.

I thought we had established: (1) Obama, like other Democrats, never talks about patriotism. (2) Not talking about patriotism makes you unpatriotic, whereas talking about it proves you’re patriotic. But now we’ve got, (3) Democrats talk about patriotism to say mean things about Republicans; therefore (4) Democrats are in fact, according to (2), patriotic.

Can someone please explain why the Los Angeles Times prints this shit?

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