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12:00 Spitzer was one of the highest ranking progressives we had.  With him at the helm there was a real chance, on a state level, to oppose corporatism and enact meaningful healthcare reform. 

This is a really sad day for progressives. 

11:44: "From much to whom much is given, much is expected." "There is much more to be done, and I cannot allow my private failings to disrupt the people’s work." He is resigning, effective Monday, March 17.

He’ll first work to heal his family, then to "serve the public good" outside of politics.

Does not take questions.

11:43 am: What’s Ted Wells doing there?


. WNBC/Marist poll say that 7 out of 10 registered Democrats think he should resign, and if he doesn’t, 2/3 think he should be impeached. In a country where only 34% of Americans think George Bush should be impeached, I find that really shocking.

. Republican Joe Bruno says that he’ll look forward to working with David Patterson. Yes, the same Joe Bruno who is is being investigated by the FBI. As if he won’t immediately commence the destruction of Patterson to clear the way for a Cuomo/Bloomberg 2010 battle.

. Cenk Unger and Ben Mankiewitz: "If Spitzer Has to Resign, So Should Vitter." CREW wants to know why the Senate Ethics Committee has not pursued the Vitter case.

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