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There’s A Reason He’s Karl Rove’s Favorite Blogger

13856698_0788ec19d4_m.jpgLet’s play a little game of compare and contrast.

For the past two days, Glenn Reynolds has been furiously pecking away on the Spitzer story (and these are just the edited highlights):

UPDATE: More Spitzer comedy, with links to Spitzer jokes from Letterman, Colbert, et al. Don’t you think he wishes the writers’ strike were still on?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Unintentional comedy from Alan Dershowitz…"the outcry against Spitzer was not because he was some man seeing a prostitute, but because he was a guy who puts prostitutes in jail seeing a prostitute."

ROGER KIMBALL: "My own feeling is that there are so many reasons to dislike Eliot Spitzer that I would hate the issue of hypocrisy to obscure his many other, more heinous faults…


THE EXAMINER: "There is no honorable alternative to Spitzer’s resignation." Which doesn’t narrow the field as much for him as it might for some . . . .

UPDATE: No love for Spitzer from The New York Times:

A TAX ANGLE to the Spitzer mess?

Meanwhile, it looks as if Spitzer’s real crimes were financial, not sexual.

Meanwhile thoughts on the hypocrisy.

UPDATE: Stephen Green: "Cleaning up New York one prostitute at a time. Sometimes maybe even two at a time."

ANOTHER UPDATE: Heh. Read the whole thing.

MORE: Big roundup from Professor Bainbridge.

STILL MORE: Heh: “Prostitute Admits Link to Elliott Spitzer; Resigns From Escort Service in Disgrace.”

Also: Clinton Declines Comment on Spitzer.

MORE STILL: "Maybe Vitter should have made things right – and changed his political affiliation before getting caught."

FINALLY: A Wall Street reader doesn’t want Spitzer to resign…

And another game of Name That Party! at ABC.

Plus, a funny…

And, Governor Giuliani?

All in all, Putz has written 14 posts (including updates) and just over 700 words on the subject since the story broke yesterday. Impressive!

Now let’s take a look at Putz’s entire output on the David Vitter (R-LA) hooker story:

I HAVEN’T PAID MUCH ATTENTION to the D.C. Madam story…

Yep, still totally non-partisan.


Still going. Just like Pavlov’s dog.

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