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Take the Poll — What Bush Dogs Should Be Targeted On FISA?

A group of 21 Blue Dogs are actively pushing for telecom immunity. They recently sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi telling her that they planned to join with Republicans to pass it, and encouraged her to put up the Senate version of the bill expressly for that purpose.

These are the same House members who do this again and again when it comes to any legislation that isn’t horribly corporatist and regressive. They hold the Democratic party hostage, and can effectively passing legislation most any time they want to join with the Republicans to do so.

We effectively gave them a scare when we took out robocalls and a newspaper ad against five of the Democratic house members who refused to vote for the passage of SCHIP. Four of the five subsequently flipped their votes and in the end, only one Democrat — Jim Marshall — voted against it.

We want to do it again, but we want your help. As Glenn Greenwald says today, we’ve chosen six of the worst House members who have announced their intention to vote for retroactive immunity, and we want you to vote on which ones we should target with ads in their district.

The six are Leonard Boswell, Chris Carney, John Barrow, Zach Space, Brad Ellworth and Heath Shuler.

You can vote here. We want to know what you think — who should set an example for this betrayal of the public trust?

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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