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Neal reaches out during NC precinct meetings Tuesday

jimnealcapsmallCHAPEL HILL, N.C./ On Tuesday, March 11, tens of thousands of North Carolinians will head to their local precinct meetings to elect delegates to county conventions. The meetings are the beginning of the long trek to the state convention, the national convention and for choosing delegates to represent Democrats at both.

For Senate candidate Jim Neal, the meetings also represent a chance to reach out to more than 20,000 highly involved and attuned Democratic Party activists and likely primary voters. He has sent campaign materials for every meeting – bumper stickers and buttons – to distribute to local activists, along with a letter thanking attendees for their civic involvement. Neal’s campaign has also called and talked personally with 1,200 precinct chairs across the state.

“This campaign is about involving the people of North Carolina in our government,” Neal said. “Democracy doesn’t begin and end on Election Day. Every day we’re reaching out to people across the state and listening to their concerns and their ideas. And we will continue to do that when I am Senator.”

“For years, we’ve had a Senator that’s shortchanged her constituents. We will change that this November and take our government back so it works for everyone,” Neal said.

Neal will be attending precinct meetings in person this Tuesday in Davidson and Huntersville in Mecklenburg County. He faces state Sen. Kay Hagan of Guilford County in North Carolina’s May 6 primary. As reported by Q-Notes on March 8, Hagan and Neal are running neck-and-neck in polls. Hagan, who is purported to be the party establishment favorite, has refused to speak openly and plainly on LGBT issues.

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Matt Comer

Matt Comer