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Eliot Spitzer — “Bring Some Passion Back To Albany”

A source familiar with the investigation into the Emperor’s Club prostitution ring says that the defendants in the case are the head of the club, the day-to-day business manager and two booking agents. Further, the case has apparently been done for quite a while, and the US Attorney in charge — Michael Garcia — "has been tearing his hair out" trying to get someone higher up at the DoJ in Washington to look at the prosecution memo and sign off, because of the need to get their authorization before indicting a public figure.

Garcia continued to pursue the case pending the authorization for indictment (a common prosecutorial practice), which is how the February 13 encounter (below) was included in the complaint. There are also evidently surveillance reports of Spitzer entering the hooker’s hotel room, in addition to audio tapes from the wiretaps.

The source also indicates that there has been consideration given to charging Spitzer with the MANN act because the prostitutes evidently crossed state lines, which is supported in the way the complaint was drawn — specifically mentioning "interstate travel" in the subheading.

It appears Spitzer is "Client 9" in the complaint:

83. At approximately 9:32 p.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a "Rachelle," the defendant, using the 6587 Number, received a call from "Kristen." During the call, "Kristen" said that she was in the room. LEWIS told "Kristen" that she would call her back when she knew when Client-9 would be there. (Call 9734$).

84. At approximately 9:36 p.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a Rachelle," the defendant, using the 6587 Number, received a call from "Kristen." During the call, LEWIS told "Kristen" that "he," a reference to Client-9, was at the hotel. "Kristen" told LEWIS that she just talked to him. "Kristen" said that Client-9 was coming to her. LEWIS told "Kristen" that Client-9 should be giving her "extra," and that the extra should be deposited into ____. LEWIS told "Kristen" to text her when he arrived and Lewis would start the four hours then, and also to let her know if he left early. (Call 9741$).

85. On February 14, 2008, at approximately 12:02 a.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a "Rachelle," the defendant, received a call from "Kristen." During the all, "Kristen" told LEWIS that "he," a reference to Client-9, had left. LEWIS asked "Kristen" what time he got there, and "Kristen" said "15 after…maybe 10." LEWIS asked "Kristen" how she thought the appointment when, and "Kristen" said that she thought it went very well. LEWIS asked "Kristen" how much she collected, and "Kristen" said $4,300. "Kristen" said that she liked him, and that he did not think he was difficult. "Kristen" stated: "I don’t think he’s difficult. i mean it’s just kind of like..whatever…I’m here for a purpose. I know what my purpose is. I a not a..moron, you know what I mean. So maybe that’s why the girls maybe think they’re difficult…." "Kristen" continued: "That’s what it is, because you’re here for a [purpose]. Let’s not get it twisted — I know what you do, you know." LEWIS responded: "You look at it very uniquely, because…no one ever says it that way." LEWIS continued that from what she had been told "he" (believed to be a reference to Client-9) "would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe — you know — I mean that…very basic things…."Kristen" responded: "I have a way of dealing with that…I’d be like listen dude, you really want the sex?…You know what I mean."

Paul Kiel has more on how the investigation began. Mark Ambinder says that money laundering for the Gambino family may have been involved.

And sadly, "Bring Some Passion Back to Albany" it was Spitzer’s 2006 campaign message (see YouTube).

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