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The Republican Brand In Ruins


Though we should do it as loudly and as often, and it’s factually true, it’s almost not even necessary to link John McCain with George W. Bush. All we have to do is say, "Republican."

From Pew (2/24)

"Please tell me if you think the REPUBLICAN Party or the DEMOCRATIC Party could do a better job in each of the following areas. Which party could do a better job of [see below]?"

Foreign policy: Democrats +5

Immigration: Demorats + 5

Iraq: Democrats +10

Taxes: Democrats +12

Morality: Democrats +10

Economy: Democrats +19

Education: Democrats + 29

Health care: Democrats +30

Reforming government: Democrats +25

Energy: Democrats +34

Environment: Democrats +44

You know when the GOP is losing by 10 to the Democrats on "morality" and by 12 on taxes, they’re in big trouble. But look at those numbers on the big issues of the day — especially health care and energy: they’re just fucked.

Here’s the funny part: St. McCain has no choice but to keep singing "lower taxes" and "no surrender in Iraq," over and over, because that’s the only song the GOP knows, and it’s the only one his wingnut base wants to hear.

And Americans, finally, are sick of it.

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Blue Texan